Volkswagen India launches new brand communication: ‘You’re in a Volkswagen’

Volkswagen India launches new brand communication: ‘You’re in a Volkswagen’

Brings back the true emotion and feeling of owning a car, the pleasure and joy of driving

From L-R- Ashish Gupta- Brand Director, Volkswagen Passenger Cars India and Abbey Thomas-Head of Marketing & PR, Volkswagen India

Mumbai: Volkswagen India rolls out its new brand communication ‘You’re in a Volkswagen’ that captures the true emotion of owning a car: ‘For those who are in love with driving, in love with motion’.  A Volkswagen isn’t just a car, it’s a people’s car. Our customers vouch for it. “I cannot wait to grab my keys and go for a drive in my Volkswagen. It’s such a no-nonsense car,” said one of the Volkswagen consumers.

Filled with stories that become memories, it absorbs the emotions of all its occupants while being driven and covering a million kilometres across the cities of India. A true driver’s choice that receives an unparalleled experience of uncompromised safety, superior build quality, comfort and a fun-to-drive journey.

The new brand communication captures a 360° perspective emphasizing what it means to drive a Volkswagen. A brand promise that prioritizes a holistic customer experience, right from the offerings to must-have essential product features that service initiatives, make us transparent and valuable. A Volkswagen stands for accessible and premium mobility solutions, a value-for-money proposition to its customers.

Conceptualized by the DDB Mudra Group with media planning by PHD, the new consumer-friendly campaign takes a brand-first approach to build robust emotional equity in the automobile market. You’re in a Volkswagen is inclusive: It’s about people & their families, the human moments that make Volkswagen, a Volkswagen. One must experience it, to understand the beauty of it.

In a belief to deliver on the promise constantly, this is a stride to become more accessible to Indians & celebrate the rich diversity that India entails.

Volkswagen Passenger Cars India brand director Ashish Gupta said, “Our new brand campaign is centred around a simple yet powerful idea – ‘the quintessential moments experienced by our customers in a Volkswagen’. It is a celebration of the passion, exhilaration, freedom and joy that’s experienced from being behind the wheel. The unforgettable journeys and memories that make every drive extraordinary in a Volkswagen. It’s a promise that we as Volkswagen offer our customers, German-engineering, safety and a fun-to-drive experience.”

Volkswagen India Head of Marketing & PR Abbey Thomas said, “The core theme of the campaign revolves around the concept that a Volkswagen is not just a machine to own, but a vehicle designed to be driven and experienced. This includes its commitment to safety, innovation and German engineering, its superior build quality, a suite of world-class services and above all the fun-to-drive experience that is such a characteristic of all Volkswagen-engineered cars. It will urge customers to get behind the wheel of a Volkswagen because when it comes to a Volkswagen, the true experience is when you sit behind the wheels and enjoy the comfort & driving dynamics that’s when you’ll know - You’re in a Volkswagen.”

DDB Mudra Group chief creative officer Rahul Mathew said, “When you make cars for the love of driving and for those in the cars, then you become more than just a car - you become a feeling. And Volkswagen has always embodied this. It was now time for us to come out and say it – You’re in a Volkswagen.”

The hallmark of this campaign lies in its availability in eight local languages which stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to fostering stronger connections with its customers. This multilingual endeavour ensures that the brand message is not just understood, but also felt on a personal and emotional level, making the campaign a truly immersive experience.

The brand has a strong portfolio of German-engineered cars: Virtus, Taigun & Tiguan. In tandem with the India 2.0 strategy, Volkswagen cars are bigger, bolder & better. Taigun and Virtus have owned the safety narrative on Indian roads - with both scoring five stars for adult and child occupant safety on the GNCAP safety tests. Armed with this strong portfolio, Volkswagen India is creating a larger network and bringing the Volkswagen experience closer to customers.