This EORS, Myntra unveils virtual fashion influencer, Maya, in an industry first

This EORS, Myntra unveils virtual fashion influencer, Maya, in an industry first

Maya will be seen taking on the role of the ‘style hacker’ for the shopping extravaganza.


Mumbai: In a first for an e-commerce platform, Myntra has introduced its revolutionary virtual fashion influencer, Maya, to continue creating resonance with its thriving GenZ audience. India's fashion expert, Myntra is poised to augment its end-to-end consumer experience, with Maya joining the platform's curated set of uber-stylish content creators, the Style Squad, and be a unique representative of FWD, the platform's differentiated shopping experience to cater to the evolving needs of the GenZ customer. With GenZ’s unbridled admiration towards digital avatars and a penchant for all things experiential tech such as the immersive digital gaming and virtual reality interventions, the introduction of Maya helps us unlock the potential of the Myntra virtual universe by creating resonance with young, trend-first and tech-savvy audiences, enabling Myntra to build top-of-mind recall with the next-gen.

Maya Meets World: Myntra's first-ever virtual fashion influencer, Maya goes by 'maya_unlimited' on Instagram, and is imagined to be based out of Bangalore in the Myntra virtual universe. Her attributes include being  an emerging fashion stylist, with an inclination for all things trends, make-up, and fitness, among others. A quintessential Zoomer, Maya is bold and undaunted, while being a strong advocate for body positivity, mental health, equality and inclusivity, among others.  She is confident, opinionated yet empathetic, and a warm-hearted humanoid. This Gemini multitasks whilst being a student as a virtual influencer to her Instagram of a growing base of 177K followers, who keep up with her for fashion and make-up inspiration, and her wholesome relatable content.

The Magic of Maya this EORS: Amplifying the proposition of  End of Reason Sale (EORS) and being the what’s-in-trend guide, Maya will be seen taking on the role of  a ‘style hacker’ for the marquee shopping extravaganza. The 18th edition of Myntra’s biannual fashion event is set to begin on 1st June, with Early Access beginning on 31st May. The shopping extravaganza will be showcasing a wide and fashion-forward selection of over 6000 brands and 2.1 million styles available to choose from with unparalleled offers at play throughout the event. As a part of her wish list, Maya will handpick her favorites from the shopping extravaganza and will also share the hottest FWD trends on her Instagram handle to look out for this EORS-18, giving the audience a glimpse into the next-phase of product recommendations.

Shaping the future of Fashion: The association with Maya further emphasizes Myntra’s efforts at connecting deeply with the GenZ audience, whilst solidifying Myntra's commitment to exploring the vast potential of the immersive Myntra virtual universe and GenZ’s favorite communication tools, digital avatars.The platform diving headfirst into the future with Maya will help forge cohesive synergies and discover exciting possibilities in the dynamic realm of the Internet. Additionally, this adds to the list of new-age innovations the platform has introduced, with this collaboration being unique to Myntra in the country's e-commerce ecosystem.

As Myntra’s first virtual fashion influencer, Maya will have no physical or geographical limitations making her flexible and adaptable. Maya being a citizen the virtual universe makes it possible for the platform to own creative narratives end-to-end across campaigns. This allows her to create a stream of compelling content on a daily basis across statics and videos in a very efficient manner. This also enables Maya to quickly grow and attract a large trend-first follower base.

The creation and conceptualization of Maya was organically driven by Myntra's passion for being ahead of the curve and embracing innovative methods to champion its cause of democratizing fashion in India.  

On Maya’s much-anticipated unveiling, Myntra CMO Sunder Balasubramanian said, “With her distinct fashion sense and trendsetting prowess, Maya is poised to captivate and inspire our fashion-forward shoppers like never before. As pioneers in the space, we understand the need to marry global advancements with what’s keeping the next-gen excited, and reimagine the landscape every now and then. The launch of Maya solidifies that position further by harnessing the potential of the immersive Myntra virtual universe to engage our GenZ shoppers more effectively, right in time for EORS-18. Maya embodies the very essence of Myntra’s core values, democratizing fashion through technology and championing inclusivity and empowerment. Maya is set to become the ultimate ‘style hacker’ setting new benchmarks in the world of fashion with her on-trend and experimental approach that is sure to win the hearts of fashionistas across the country”.

 Maya already has in place her own Myntra Studio profile, with Myntra exploring the potential of her conducting M-Lives, the platform's live commerce proposition, in the near future. This association also enables the platform's slew of leading partner brands to look at the opportunities to collaborate with Maya to augment key launches and events. Following the establishment of a burgeoning  and loyal following, Maya's content will be leveraged to highlight exciting benefits and offers to her followers. Welcoming her to the much-loved Myntra Style Squad, Maya’s popularity will further be augmented via collaborative posts with a list of popular influencers who have 'met' her.

As Myntra gears up for EORS-18, there are 100+ live sessions planned on Myntra's M-Live, the platform’s social commerce proposition,  augmenting visibility and representing the slew of leading brands on offer.  The live sessions will be hosted by India's biggest social media stars, and widely-admired content creators, such as, Varun Sood, Baseer Ali, Akash Choudhary, Ritvi Shah and Gaurav Kumar, among others.


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