TAC Security appoints Pramod Khanna as SVP for govt business-India

TAC Security appoints Pramod Khanna as SVP for govt business-India

Pramod Khanna to lead TAC Security's govt business division in India


Mumbai: TAC Security, a global risk and vulnerability management leader, has recently appointed govt Business-India as the senior vice president Pramod Khanna. Khanna, formerly the regional sales director of BlackBerry, brings extensive expertise and a proven track record in the cybersecurity industry. This strategic move aligns with TAC Security's goal of establishing a strong presence in the government and public sector and positioning itself as a trusted partner in safeguarding critical digital infrastructure.

As the senior vice president for govt business India, Khanna will play a crucial role in shaping and executing TAC Security's strategic initiatives in the government and public sector. He will focus on building strong relationships with government agencies, key decision-makers, and stakeholders to understand their unique challenges and provide innovative cybersecurity solutions.

TAC Security the Founder and CEO Trishneet Arora emphasised the importance of cybersecurity in an increasingly interconnected world. He highlighted the significance of safeguarding sensitive information, protecting critical infrastructure, and building a resilient cybersecurity ecosystem. Arora expressed confidence that Khanna's wealth of experience and strategic vision in the cybersecurity industry will greatly contribute to TAC Security's government and public sector business division. He believes the appointment will strengthen their commitment to providing top-notch cybersecurity solutions to government organisations and expand their presence in this critical sector.

Khanna acknowledged the imperative nature of cybersecurity in today's digitally-driven world, particularly for the government and public sector, which have become prime targets for malicious acts. He stressed the importance of safeguarding society, economy, and democratic institutions, as well as protecting the nation's digital foundations. Khanna recognised TAC Security as a reputable global firm offering innovative solutions and services to clients. He expressed his intention to expand the company's presence and enhance its expertise in the government and public sector, catering to the evolving cybersecurity requirements of its clientele.

With over 25 years of expertise, Khanna has successfully collaborated with Fortune 100 companies, achieving significant milestones in business development, CXO relationship management, client acquisition, key account management, and strategic alliances. He has earned a stellar reputation for his comprehensive knowledge and specialisation in cybersecurity, IT services, IT consulting and outsourcing, and Infrastructure-OnPrem/Cloud solutions. Leveraging his sales and strategic planning prowess, Khanna has driven growth in various businesses across sectors.

In the context of the Indian cybersecurity market and the need for cybersecurity in the government and public sector, it is essential to recognise the significance of cybersecurity in fulfilling prime minister Modi's vision of Digital India. TAC Security's appointment of Khanna demonstrates its commitment to nation-building and its position as one of the few Indian-homegrown cybersecurity companies that have expanded and made a mark globally. By strengthening its leadership and expertise, TAC Security aims to contribute to the cybersecurity landscape in India and protect critical digital infrastructure.