SBI Life’s ‘Apnoki #HimmatWaliSeeti’ highlights the importance of family support

SBI Life’s ‘Apnoki #HimmatWaliSeeti’ highlights the importance of family support

The campaign encourages individuals to pursue their passion responsibly

SBI Life

MUMBAI: SBI Life Insurance, one of the most trusted life insurance companies in India, today launched its latest integrated brand campaign ‘Apnoki #HimmatWaliSeeti’; that reiterates the power of family support in reinstating individual’s belief in himself/herself. Built on the insight that individual’s happiness is key to his/her family’s happiness. The 360° brand campaign encourages individuals to pursue their passion responsibly, by first making life insurance a financial priority to secure the needs of their loved ones.

The new ad film pivots through a heartwarming scene where a father, in his mid-thirties on a stand-up podium, describes his life as a ‘pressure cooker’. Wherein, the pressure of responsibilities keeps growing, until his 9-year-old daughter is seen passionately whistling amongst the audience, cutting through the noise. The daughter’s whistle is symbolic of the depressurizing effect of family’s support in today’s challenging life.

SBI Life Insurance chief of brand and corporate communications Ravindra Sharma, said, “In our society, family continues to be the bedrock of support and our communication seeks to highlight the strength of family support. Especially in today’s challenging times family support plays a fundamental role in shaping an individual’s well-being; it acts as a de-pressuring agent in life. Our new brand campaign ‘Apnoki #HimmatWaliSeeti’ attempts to communicate a strong message that with the support and encouragement of the family one can wholeheartedly pursue their dreams and ambitions. He further added, “Through this campaign, we aim to support every individual in securing their family’s well-being in a better way, without compromising on their dreams.”

‘Apnoki #HimmatWaliSeeti’ campaign continues to establish SBI Life’s sharp focus on the importance of having protection insurance for securing loved ones against any life uncertainty. The campaign highlights that once an individual has ensured a safe future for the family, a little encouragement from loved ones can definitely boost one’s confidence in taking up an alternative interest which may have delayed due to other commitments.

“Life Insurance is seen as a responsibility towards one’s loved ones, and we wanted to start a new dialogue about the reason for Life insurance for today’s shifting landscape. The shift about the category with this campaign is that our loved ones are not our responsibility, but our biggest strength, our biggest cheerleaders and we don’t need to endure a life doing what we don’t love to see them happy, to see them taken care of. Life is about going after your dreams, our loved ones are still taken care of. We have a story of a girl learning to whistle so she can cheer for her father as she witnesses him most happy, most content when he’s pursuing what he loves to do”, said Mullen Lintas India CCO Garima Khandelwal and Azazul Haque.