Mappls KOGO teams up with Zoomcar for AI-powered travel adventures

Mappls KOGO teams up with Zoomcar for AI-powered travel adventures

Industry leaders join for AI travel tips and self-drive mobility, enhancing customer experience.

Mappls KOGO

Mumbai: In a significant move poised to disrupt the travel and mobility landscape, Mappls KOGO, an AI travel expert app, has joined forces with Zoomcar, the marketplace for car sharing in emerging markets to offer their customers an unparalleled travel experience.

Mappls KOGO is an AI travel expert app in India, offering bookable travel recommendations that save users both time and money. With its dynamic AI technology, Mappls KOGO has emerged as a true pioneer in the realm of travel discovery for anyone looking to step out of the home. Zoomcar on the other hand, empowers host entrepreneurs to safely and easily share their cars to earn additional passive income. Guests in the Zoomcar community enjoy a diverse, affordable selection of cars to unlock memorable driving experiences with friends and family. The synergy between the two platforms goes beyond what each platform can offer on its own, combining the expertise of Mappls KOGO in travel and the mobility prowess of Zoomcar to provide users with unprecedented ease and flexibility.

This collaboration is well-timed as travel enthusiasts around India embark on journeys during the festive season. Customers will also witness an effortless integration of Mappls KOGO's AI-driven features in this partnership to further enhance their experience. It will offer them the best of both worlds by combining the robust functionality of the Zoomcar app with the convenience of booking through KOGO, all while leveraging the intelligent capabilities of KOGO’s AI Trip maker for truly comprehensive and user-friendly travel solutions. Whether they're crafting an itinerary or managing self-drive car experiences, this partnership will provide a seamless, all-in-one solution for all users' travel needs.

Mappls KOGO CEO and co-founder Raj K Gopalakrishnan said, “Imagine the unparalleled offering that we are bringing to our users when it comes to travel in India. Not only are we equipping them with on-the-spot personalised travel itineraries, real-time travel data, competitively priced stay and flight booking options, but now are also bringing them access to offbeat travel destinations which they are largely unaware of, along with the means to reach those - Zoomcar self-drive. This is an offering like no other, and it's here to revolutionise the travel industry. We're all set to take travellers on a journey they've never experienced before.”

Mappls KOGO's AI-enabled features such as its unique trip maker and Kogonaut provide travellers with distinctive recommendations, while Zoomcar's seamless booking system and premium car range cater to their specific travel needs. This partnership created a comprehensive travel ecosystem, in sync with the trends of responsible travel and shared mobility, providing travellers with an all-encompassing experience. Additionally, as part of this partnership, Mappls KOGO will be extending the exclusive KOGO X membership to Zoomcar users at a very special price, further enhancing the value of their trips with the exclusive perks.

Mappls KOGO co-founder and CTO Praveer Kochhar remarked, “We are excited to partner with Zoomcar to amplify the overall travel experience that we bring to our users by creating an offering like none other. This association comes as a game-changer in the travel industry - together we aim to unlock new possibilities for our users who have so far only been exposed to limited travel options across India, we are here to change the way India plans its travel.”

Zoomcar  CEO and co-founder Greg Moran said “At Zoomcar we continue to focus on transforming urban mobility across emerging economies and are delighted to partner with Mappls KOGO to bring innovative, mobility solutions to our guests. As trusted travel partners for customers across the country, we see great synergies in this partnership”

This partnership will not only add car sharing to an already burgeoning ecosystem of the platform but will also exemplify the unwavering commitment of both Mappls KOGO and Zoomcar to continuous innovation and an enhanced customer experience in the ever-evolving realm of travel.