Kama Sutra Deodorant ignites with intense fragrances for sensual teasing

Kama Sutra Deodorant ignites with intense fragrances for sensual teasing

The campaign aims to capture playful exchange, anticipation, and teasing between couples.


Mumbai: Kama Sutra Deos, the pioneering fragrance brand known for its seductive scents, is set to revolutionise the market with its daring new campaign. With a focus on disrupting the category of long-lasting fragrances, KS Deodorants is introducing a tantalising twist that redefines sensuality and intimacy.

With this as the caveat, the campaign aims to capture the essence of anticipation, teasing, and playful exchange between couples. By tapping into the brand's heritage of seduction and sensuality, KS Deo has crafted a line of intense and long-lasting fragrances that act as the perfect catalyst for building sexual tension.

As one of the largest brands in the aerosol sub-category with a 12 per cent market share, the brand aims to revitalise its brand and increase brand salience through a fresh proposition and innovative communication strategy. Through a revitalised communication strategy, they aim to create a stronger connection with consumers, especially those who have yet to enter the men's fragrance market. By tapping into their desires and aspirations, Kama Sutra deodorants intend to entice non-users to explore the world of fragrances and make them their preferred choice.

"We believe that the journey towards intimacy should be as thrilling as the destination itself," said Park Avenue, Kamasutra CMO Pooja Sahgal. "Our new campaign encourages couples to embrace the playful side of their relationships, discovering the joy in teasing and building up the anticipation before the act."

FCB Interface national creative director Rakesh Menon said, “Brand Kamasutra stands for building stronger, meaningful and more intimate relationships. Through the commercial, we wanted to show how the fragrance of KS deodorants can catalyse stronger bonds in a world craving for connections.”