From Startups to SaaS: Women Entrepreneurs' impact on tech trends and beyond

From Startups to SaaS: Women Entrepreneurs' impact on tech trends and beyond

As a woman in the entrepreneurial realm became a source of strength in itself

Women Entrepreneurs

Mumbai: Women's Entrepreneurship Day (WED) is a global initiative celebrated annually on 19 November to recognise and empower women entrepreneurs worldwide. Established in 2014 by Wendy Diamond, an entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist, Women's Entrepreneurship Day aims to highlight the significant contributions of women entrepreneurs to the global economy and promote gender equality in the business world.

In the dynamic realms of technology and business, the role of women is increasingly pronounced and influential. Their impact is particularly notable in shaping the trajectory of these industries, where innovation, entrepreneurship, and a commitment to social responsibility converge. This intersection is marked by a wave of women entrepreneurs, leaders, and visionaries who are not only breaking through traditional barriers but are actively shaping the future of business.

As technology continues to evolve, women are at the forefront, leading startups, driving disruptive innovations, and contributing to diverse sectors such as health tech, e-commerce, and social impact tech. Their leadership extends beyond the boardroom, with a focus on fostering diversity and inclusion, championing tech education, and actively participating in the investment landscape.

Here’s what new-age entrepreneurs have to say about women entrepreneurs making significant contributions to the tech industry and staying ahead of trends in the business world

Wondrlab, co-founder & managing partner Vandana Verma

"As a co-founder of Wondrlab, India’s largest platform-first martech startup, the one accomplishment that fills me with both humility and pride is the creation of Wisr—a SaaS platform meticulously designed to uplift school infrastructure and elevate teacher salaries across India, all powered by the influence of brands. This journey has been nothing short of thrilling, and as a woman entrepreneur navigating the ever-evolving tech industry, the sense of accomplishment has been immensely gratifying.

Remaining at the forefront of industry trends isn't just a professional aspiration; it's a resolute commitment to perpetual innovation. Through Wisr, our innovative SaaS platform seamlessly connecting brands with the enhancement of school infrastructure, my aim transcends mere contribution—it's about making a lasting impact. As women entrepreneurs, we aren't just participants in the business landscape; we are the architects of transformative change, actively shaping the trajectory of technology and business with a potent combination of resilience, visionary foresight, and an unyielding determination to redefine industry standards."

Vahan chief marketing advisor Saakshi Jain

In my journey through the ever-changing tech scene, I've discovered that success relies on empathy and adaptability. Women entrepreneurs bring a unique blend of tech expertise and a human touch, comprehending both the advancements and the people behind them. This empathy helps spotlight trends close to home, resulting in products that genuinely matter.

Flexibility is crucial as tech moves fast, and women entrepreneurs cultivate environments that welcome versatility and continual learning. Collaboration makes diverse teams ignite innovation and anticipate trends. In the tech world, women entrepreneurs are overcoming obstacles, shaping the future with innovative, flexible approaches.

In AI, women carve out spaces with forward-thinking endeavors, giving importance to ethical considerations and challenging stereotypes. They're ahead of the curve on business trends, demonstrating a keen understanding of consumer needs. In my tech journey, I’ve learned that it's all about sensing the tech pulse while staying authentic.

Women entrepreneurs bring this dynamic blend of tech smarts and a human touch, grasping the tech and the people behind it. It's that empathy that helps identify trends that hit home, creating products that truly matter. When it comes to adaptability, it's about navigating it, keeping things flexible, and never halting the learning process. We're not just following business trends; we're steering the ship with a sharp eye on what people truly need. Using AI with finesse for efficiency and exceptional user experiences, we're altering the script and inspiring the next wave. It's a human-first perspective; women entrepreneurs are propelling the change, leaving a mark and ensuring the road ahead in tech is all about diversity and inclusion

Virtue Worldwide senior account director Shaily Parmar

In the progressive world of Indian advertising, I am witnessing firsthand how women entrepreneurs are crafting a new narrative filled with creativity, resilience, and groundbreaking innovation. These incredible individuals are not just making waves; they are personally reshaping the entire landscape of our industry. Breaking through gender norms, they inspire me with their determination to create work that resonates deeply. In a traditionally male-dominated space, their stories resonate personally, inspiring a new era of inclusivity. These women aren't just entrepreneurs; they are my mentors of change, personally shaping the future of creativity and inclusivity in the captivating world of advertising.

BC Web Wise founder – MD Chaaya Baradhwaaj

Women have showcased exceptional leadership, and have innovated and disrupted industries. Let’s look at some of the torchbearers. Falguni Nayar got beauty from e-commerce with Nykaa, Richa Kar  of Zivame did the same with lingerie. Shraddha Sharma’s Yourstory has become a powerful vehicle that inspires entrepreneurs with authentic real stories. Trishneet Arora of TAC Security, has established a powerful presence in the globe and it's a pioneer in cyber security. The list goes on and it is heartening that the women leaders and disruptors are coming from all walks of life and extend through Bharat.

Assiduus Global Inc founder & CEO Dr. Somdutta Singh

“My entrepreneurial journey has been phenomenal, marked by triumphs over challenges that echo the resilience of women in business. In every opportunity I have created over adversity has become a testament to my indomitable spirit and of women in the business. Whether faced with gender biases, skepticism, or barriers, every triumph became a resounding declaration that women can surmount any obstacle set before them. These victories are not just personal milestones but a collective anthem, resonating with the resilience that defines women in business.

Securing funding for women-led ventures proved to be a formidable challenge, one that demanded strategic acumen and unyielding determination. The financial landscape has historically favored male-dominated industries, and breaking through this bias required not only a robust business plan but also the courage to challenge the status quo. As a first-generation woman entrepreneur, the journey was characterized by a delicate connection between perseverance and empowerment. Every rejection letter was a call to refine and reinforce my vision, turning setbacks into stepping stones toward a more inclusive entrepreneurial landscape.

Naturally, being a trailblazer as a first-generation woman entrepreneur meant confronting entrenched stereotypes head-on. The societal narrative surrounding women in business often carried preconceived notions that needed dismantling. It involved proving that competence knows no gender, and success is not limited by traditional expectations. The empowerment derived from shattering these stereotypes was not just personal; it contributed to a broader cultural shift, challenging conventional norms and paving the way for future generations of women to chart their own entrepreneurial paths.

I discovered that strength is not solely defined by overcoming obstacles. It also involves staying true to oneself amidst adversity. Embracing my unique perspective as a woman in the entrepreneurial realm became a source of strength in itself. The power to create change lies not in conformity but in embracing the diversity of thought and approach that women bring to the table. Being oneself became a mantra, a reminder that authenticity breeds resilience. Creating a solid support network was not just a strategic move but a lifeline during the stormy seas of entrepreneurship. Expressing gratitude for each lesson, setback, and triumph became a grounding force, fostering humility and perspective. And perhaps most importantly, not being too hard on oneself emerged as a crucial lesson in self-compassion, recognising that the journey is as significant as the destination.”