Fortune Soya Chunks surprise Mumbai with lunchbox treats on World Protein Day

Fortune Soya Chunks surprise Mumbai with lunchbox treats on World Protein Day

Fortune Soya's collaboration with the Mumbai Dabbawalas went beyond just distribution.

Fortune Soya

Mumbai: Adani Wilmar, a leading food and FMCG company joined hands with the iconic Mumbai Dabbawala Association for World Protein Day to distribute packs of Fortune Soya Chunks. This unique initiative aimed to promote protein-rich diets and reinforce the brand message of ‘Ghar Ka Khana Ghar Ka Khana Hota Hai’.

Mumbaikars were pleasantly surprised when their lunchboxes, delivered by the efficient Mumbai Dabbawalas, contained a pack of Fortune Soya Chunks. This move not only raised awareness about the importance of protein but also emphasized the convenience and nutritional value of incorporating soya chunks into daily meals.

Fortune Soya's collaboration with the Mumbai Dabbawalas went beyond just distribution. Each Dabbawala was provided with Fortune Soya t-shirts and informative leaflets attached to the tiffin boxes, educating consumers about the benefits of protein-rich foods. As a token of appreciation, the dabbawalas also received packs of Fortune Soya Chunks, inspiring them to prioritize their own health.

Adani Wilmar head – media & fortune brand Jignesh Shah expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, "We are thrilled to have partnered with the Mumbai Dabbawalas for this meaningful initiative for World Protein Day. This aligns perfectly with our ‘Ghar Ka Khana Ghar Ka Khana Hota Hai’ campaign. At Adani Wilmar, we take pride in advocating for complete proteins like soya chunks, which offer all nine essential amino acids essential for optimal health. Through the distribution of soya chunk packs and information about the benefits of protein-rich foods, we hope to cultivate healthier eating habits and enhance the well-being of every individual in our community."

Soya chunks, rich in protein, is beneficial for muscle building and body. It is an ideal dietary choice for all ages. With seven* out of 10 Indians found to be protein deficient in urban areas, initiatives like this play a crucial role in raising awareness.

While 73 per cent* of urban Indians grapple with protein deficiency, often unaware of the diverse vegetarian options, soya chunks stand tall.

Fortune Soya Chunks stands out as a nutritional powerhouse, boasting a remarkable 52 grams of protein per 100 grams, surpassing other protein sources like milk and eggs. Soya chunks is a high source of dietary fibre and hence the adopting the product in regular balanced diet will be a step towards heathier and stronger India

"Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Association" and "Nutan Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Charity Trust”, widely known as Mumbai Dabbawala secretary Kiran Gavande added, “As a delivery partner, it's an honor to associate with a company for World Protein Day to help people access protein-rich food. It's more than just delivering meals; it's about nourishing communities and promoting healthier lifestyles. Together, we're making a tangible difference in people's lives, one nutritious meal at a time.”

A video #DabbawalasDeliverFortuneSoyaChunks has been released across various media platforms and digital channels, showcasing the precision and dedication of the 130-year-old Mumbai Dabbawala network, diligently delivering home-cooked meals. The video captures the entire on-ground activities, highlighting the delivery of Fortune Soya Chunks packs in tiffins, wearing Fortune Soya Chunks T-shirts, along with product leaflets explaining goodness of soya chunks and lip-smacking dishes with soya chunks. The social media campaign aims to debunk myths about protein and its edible sources.  The campaign includes influencer videos discussing common misconceptions about protein content in food, which is followed by a series of poll posts asking audiences to vote on the different edible sources of protein. Additionally, in collaboration with Mumbai Dabbawalas, the brand Fortune Soya Chunks is advocating for the importance of protein rich food for World Protein Day.

Join Fortune Soya and the Mumbai Dabbawalas in celebrating health and nutrition, because every meal counts in the journey towards a healthier, happier community!

*As per IMRB survey done in 2017