dentsu gaming & Intel transform college gaming with SCGC in India!

dentsu gaming & Intel transform college gaming with SCGC in India!

The campaign commenced with SCGC appointing campus ambassadors across 35 colleges in India.

dentsu gaming & Intel transform

Mumbai: In today’s dynamic gaming landscape, with over 500 million amateur gamers, including 30 million passionate college students, it is pivotal to provide high-performance machines. Interestingly, a staggering 90 per cent of gaming enthusiasts expressed the desire to experience gaming on a laptop or desktop before making a purchase decision.

To bridge this gap and revolutionise the gaming experience for amateur gamers, dentsu gaming- the gaming practice from dentsu India, in association with Intel, collaborated with digit- one of the most trusted and popular technology media portals in India, to execute a campaign harnessing the potential of SKOAR! college gaming club (SCGC) - India's innovative amateur college gaming program.

The campaign commenced with SCGC appointing campus ambassadors across 35 colleges in India. Leveraging platforms like Discord and WhatsApp, the ambassadors interacted with gamers, organising online playoffs and setting the stage for the subsequent phases of the campaign.

Furthermore, SCGC hosted a day-long Intel-powered offline esports event within five selected campuses. Showcasing the prowess of Intel-powered computers, the events featured experiential zones, workshops, and activities, culminating in an esports tournament. During the casual gaming sessions, it also had machines put through their paces which led to them emerging as the driving force behind the triumph of top college esports teams.

A key milestone was that the intel-powered online tournament, 'Campus Clash’, witnessed the participation of teams from 35 colleges, further amplifying the campaign's reach. A robust social media strategy was effectively executed with over 150 content pieces disseminated on Instagram and YouTube through the offline and online phases of the campaign.

Over 10,000 amateur gamers from 50 colleges were exposed to the innovative campaign. Gamers also got their hands on PCs with powerful Intel ARC GPUs, giving them a taste of Intel's latest dedicated GPU line-up that packs some serious firepower with built-in machine learning, graphics acceleration, and hardware-based ray tracing.

Intel India marketing director, sales, marketing & communications group, Apurva Jani said, “Denstu has been an integral part of all our gaming activations for Intel, they help us identify the right media-led activations which drive reach and efficiency for Intel. SKOAR! college gaming club (SCGC) is a unique initiative from digit that is on a mission to build college-level gaming communities at the grassroots level across the country. The objective for this association was to enhance Intel's brand resonance among college amateur gamers by facilitating hands-on trials of its personal computers across various colleges over three months.”

dentsu CEO of media South Asia Anita Kotwani added, “The strategy adopted by dentsu gaming through this partnership was built on engagement, education, experience, and empowerment. The collaboration has undeniably heralded a game-changing victory in the gaming arena, setting new benchmarks within the gaming community.

SCGC  head Arun Yadav commented, “At SKOAR! college gaming, we are relentlessly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of grassroots gaming and esports. Our unwavering commitment is to provide students with the support and tools they need to level up their gaming. Collaborating with industry leaders like dentsu gaming and Intel, we are poised to shape the future of esports and ignite a transformative era for the next generation of gamers.”