Britannia Bourbon starts a global debate in its latest campaign

Britannia Bourbon starts a global debate in its latest campaign

The brand revamps its proposition with a new TVC.

Britannia Bourbon

Mumbai:  Britannia Bourbon, India's original chocolate crème biscuit, is taking chocolate indulgence to a whole new level with its exciting product refreshment. Introducing "Chocolate over Chocolate over Chocolate," a delectable enhancement featuring three layers of rich chocolatey goodness. This irresistible upgrade is set to delight the taste buds of chocolate enthusiasts and elevate the Bourbon experience to new heights. Get ready to indulge in a triple-layered chocolate sensation that will leave you craving for more!

As an iconic delicacy that has been tantalizing the taste buds of consumers for over six decades, Britannia Bourbon continues to reign as the brand that introduced India to chocolaty snacks. The brand refresh with the refreshed packaging adds an exciting twist to this beloved classic, promising an indulgent experience like never before. This product revamp is a testament to Britannia's commitment to evolving with the times while preserving the cherished flavours that have made Bourbon a household name.

When you ask any sandwich crème biscuit lover, they will tell you that the ‘crème’ is what is most desired! And to that effect, Bourbon is the iconic brand that has built the ‘chocolate’ crème lover palette in India. In Britannia Bourbon’s case, it turned out to be more than that. Britannia Bourbon lovers revealed that there is true chocolate magic in all its 3 layers. For them there is 'chocolate' in every layer - the upper shell, in the middle chocolate crème, and in the bottom shell. Simply put it's 'Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate.’

Conceptualised by The Womb, the TVC creatively brings to life the delightful mystery of Britannia Bourbon's new triple-layered chocolaty experience. As the TVC unfolds, viewers are immersed in a playful debate – is it truly chocolate on chocolate on chocolate, or perhaps chocolate below chocolate below chocolate? With each layer beautifully accentuated, the TVC not only tantalizes the taste buds but also sparks curiosity, inviting everyone to savor the delicious layers of Britannia Bourbon and decide for themselves.

Britannia Industries Ltd CMO Amit Doshi stated, “Britannia Bourbon has been the quintessential creme biscuit of India for generations. A treat to the taste buds and sparking joy in every household, teaching us the real treat for chocolate layers between the sugar sprinkled biscuits. Britannia Bourbon has captivated millions with its rich flavour that is so unique to create a cult following like no other.”

He continued, “Today, we take a momentous step forward by introducing the all-new Britannia Bourbon with the new packaging that highlights its multiple layers of chocolate. This is a testimony of our dedication towards delivering innovative & superior taste experiences for our consumers. The much loved classic Britannia Bourbon for its exquisite blend of chocolatey goodness, and now we're taking that delight to new heights with three delectable layers of chocolate indulgence. We have increased the product supremacy by adding more chocolate to make it even more indulging. The television commercial creatively conceptualised by our partners, The Womb, brings to life our new brand proposition, which celebrates not just the layers of chocolate but also the layers of emotion, nostalgia, and joy that Britannia Bourbon brings to every bite.”

The Womb creative head Suyash Khabya said, "AM and Planning said Britannia Bourbon ki brief hai 'Chocolate pe Chocolate pe Chocolate'. On expected lines, Creative said 'Don't agree'! It's Chocolate below Chocolate below Chocolate'. And Boom! That was the idea. A debate. But rather than keeping the debate to a gully in India, we took it global. Gave it scale. We got the world to argue, and aggressively. A simple idea but unignorable. Or is it the other way around? Now, that's another debate."