Boult taps into ONDC with Shiprocket

Boult taps into ONDC with Shiprocket

ONDC is a unique platform that connects all buyers and sellers through a single platform.


Mumbai: Boult, India’s second-largest company in audio, selling products every five seconds and the fastest emerging smartwatch player, associates with India’s biggest e-commerce landscape ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce) through their partner Shiprocket. The company has hailed ONDC as the future of online shopping and is focussing to be part of this government-backed innovative revolution in the space of e-commerce in multivariate ways. With an exemplary 100% year-on-year growth trajectory since its inception, Boult is adept at gauging the inclination of the market and establishing itself in that direction. ONDC is paving the path for inroads to connect buyers, sellers, and service providers across the country for a more transparent, efficient, and secure buying and selling experience and comprises over 35,000 sellers and over 38 lakh products currently.

Speaking about this initiative, Boult co-founder & CEO Varun Gupta said, “We are thrilled to participate in the ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce) initiative, an extraordinary platform that revolutionises the way brands connect with consumers across the country. ONDC, often referred to as the 'UPI of e-commerce,' is a game-changer that makes the markets accessible for brands, empowering them to reach new horizons and expand their consumer base. At Boult, we wholeheartedly support this government-run initiative, and our participation exemplifies our commitment to promoting and embracing such initiatives. By actively participating in ONDC alongside our preferred vendor, Shiprocket, Boult is not only strengthening our supply chain and logistics operations but also actively promoting this initiative.”

With 14 crore e-retail shoppers in 2020, India acquired the third-largest online shopper base globally with only China and USA ahead. And, through ONDC, the government is fostering an inclusive ecosystem for e-commerce across the country to which Boult is actively contributing. Besides this, Boult is staunchly bolstering the Make in India campaign by producing more than 90 per cent of products domestically. Further, Boult is aiming to augment its raw material localization to 70 per cent by the end of the year.

“Together, we are shaping the future of commerce, enabling seamless and inclusive access to our products and services for customers nationwide. Boult proudly stands at the forefront of this transformative movement, bringing the joy of our products to every corner of the country”, added Boult co-founder & CEO Varun Gupta.

Boult's penetration to over 99 per cent of zip codes in the country and sales of over eight million units to date is a testament to the company’s massive growth. Besides this, more than two million verified customer ratings with over four stars on leading e-commerce portals showcase the brand as a giant in the industry.