Blissclub launches #SportThatGirl campaign

Blissclub launches #SportThatGirl campaign

Blissclub imagines a world with more female sportspersons.


Mumbai: Research indicates that 1 out of every 3 girls quit playing sports when puberty hits versus 1 out of 10 boys. To drive home this point, Blissclub - an activewear brand for women - launched a 2-day campaign #SportThatGirl on LinkedIn. On day 1, female employees from LinkedIn changed their designations to indicate a career in sports. Feeds were flooded with new job updates. The objective of this campaign is to prevent women from giving up on sports and eliminate the associated stigma.

The following day, Blissclub dropped this film. It had women narrate their personal stories of how they stopped playing sports when puberty hit and how developing breasts had a huge role to play here. The film ended with a message that asked people to imagine how many more athletes and sportspersons we would’ve had if girls were just encouraged to keep playing even as their bodies changed. The brand has also launched an ad film highlighting the same.

"Talking about the campaign, Blissclub founder Minu Margret said, “ When exploring the activewear space before committing to starting up  Blissclub, my sister, a very special person in my life, said something that sounded unbelievable in this day and age! "I can't run or skip, because India doesn't have sports bras that support my breasts" WHAT! It's the 21st century and women still don't have clothes that let them do what they want. The #SportThatGirl campaign has gained significant recognition from industry experts, and there is a growing willingness to overcome stigma and prevent women from quitting sports.”

The campaign has garnered support from both consumers and industry stalwarts across the nation. If you’re someone who stopped playing sports as a girl too, change your designation on LinkedIn to a possible career you may have lost out on. Use #SportThatGirl to show your support.