Beyond the horizon: Crafting unforgettable brand experiences in cruise marketing

Beyond the horizon: Crafting unforgettable brand experiences in cruise marketing

Cordelia Cruises goes beyond providing extraordinary voyages.

Nitinjit Singh Bawa

Mumbai: In an industry defined by the vastness of the open sea and the promise of exploration, our commitment at Cordelia Cruises goes beyond providing extraordinary voyages; we strive to create moments that linger in the hearts of our passengers long after they have disembarked.

In the field of cruise marketing, it's crucial to recognize that the cruise is not merely a journey from one port to another—it's an immersive experience that begins the moment a guest interacts with our brand. The first touchpoint could be a captivating website, an interactive social media post, an enticing email campaign, or a visually stunning brochure. Each element contributes to our narrative, setting the stage for the adventure that awaits onboard.

Our approach to crafting unforgettable brand experiences hinges on three key pillars: anticipation, immersion, and post-sailing engagement. Anticipation begins with a meticulous understanding of our target audience, enabling us to tailor our messaging and visuals to resonate with their desires. The goal is to create a sense of excitement and longing, encouraging individuals to not only sail with us but to embark on a transformative journey filled with luxury, adventure and scenic routes.

From the best dining experiences to curated activities that cater to diverse interests, cruise liners ensure that every passenger finds their personal comfort space at sea. The goal is to exceed expectations, leaving a persistent mark that extends beyond the physical perimeters of the ship.

Post-voyage engagement completes the circle. As the pioneers of the Indian cruise industry, we understand that the memories created on our cruises are treasures to be cherished. Through personalised post-cruise communications and user-generated content initiatives, cruise liners can foster a sense of community among the guests, ensuring that their connection with the Cruise endures long after they've returned to shore. To thrive in this market, cruise brands must consider the following:

Cultural Sensitivity: Indian culture places great importance on family values, and multi-generational travel is common. Cruise brands can tailor their offerings to cater to families, providing amenities and activities that appeal to different age groups. Incorporating elements of Indian culture, such as traditional cuisine, music, and entertainment, can enhance the cruise experience.

Regional Preferences: India's diverse geography and cultural heritage offer a range of regional preferences. Cruise brands should consider developing itineraries that explore different regions of the country, highlighting local attractions and experiences. Customising on-board entertainment, activities, and cuisine to reflect regional diversity can foster a sense of connection and resonate with Indian travellers.

Price Sensitivity: Indians are price-sensitive consumers and meticulously assess the worth of products and services, especially when it comes to planning a vacation. Cruise brands should focus on crafting a compelling value proposition that goes beyond expectations. This could be in the form of all-inclusive packages, competitive pricing, and special promotions to make cruising more accessible for vacations.

To build a cruise culture in India, cruise brands should take the following steps:

Raising Awareness: Cruise brands should invest in extensive marketing campaigns to raise awareness about cruising as a vacation option. Collaborating with travel agents, influencers, and media outlets can help promote the benefits and unique experiences offered by cruises. It is crucial to dispel common misconceptions and showcase the convenience, variety of destinations, and all-inclusive nature of the cruise experience.

Enhancing Accessibility: To overcome the perception of cruises as an expensive luxury, cruise brands can introduce shorter-duration cruises and weekend getaway options that cater to the time constraints of Indian travellers. Additionally, offering affordable payment plans, like BNPL and flexible booking options can make cruising more accessible to a wider audience.

Building Partnerships: Collaborating with local travel agencies, tour operators, and hospitality providers can help cruise brands tap into existing distribution networks and leverage their expertise in serving the Indian market. Partnerships can facilitate bundled vacation packages, combining land-based travel and excursions with the cruise experience, making it more wholesome. .

Developing On-board Experiences: Creating tailored on-board experiences that cater to Indian tastes and preferences is vital for building a cruise culture. Cruise brands can incorporate Indian cuisine options, provide dedicated entertainment showcasing Indian music and dance forms, and organise cultural workshops and activities that allow passengers to immerse themselves in the local culture.

In conclusion, building a cruise brand is all about making the cruise experience way more than just a holiday. In the ever-evolving landscape of cruise marketing and building a cruise culture in India, we stand assured to navigate new horizons and continue providing unparalleled experiences that transcend the ordinary, ensuring that every journey with us is a voyage of a lifetime. 

The author of this article is Cordelia Cruises head of marketing Nitinjit Singh Bawa.