Yoho launches India’s first ever fully ‘Hands-Free’ sneakers - Blinc

Yoho launches India’s first ever fully ‘Hands-Free’ sneakers - Blinc

The brand plans a wave of innovative product launches for an expanded catalog soon.


Mumbai: Yoho, a leading D2C brand, known for ultra-comfortable footwear, has launched India’s first-ever hands-free sneakers- Blinc. Available in a myriad of vibrant colors – four for men and nine for women (including some adorable pastels), Blinc effortlessly merges style with functionality, ensuring that every step taken is a testament to comfort and convenience. Priced at  ₹4199, users can purchase Blinc at a special introductory launch price of ₹2,899 from Yoho’s website and from leading e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, and more.  

Blinc caters to individuals who crave trendsetting designs without sacrificing comfort. Its hands-free mechanism (SpringEase) and elastic quick-wear laces, coupled with a lightweight EVA sole,  guarantee effortless travel and unparalleled comfort – making it the ultimate choice for those constantly on the move. The sneakers, with minimal design and great looks, are a perfect fit for college-going students, corporate professionals, travelers and anyone who is seeking great looks, comfort and convenience from their footwear.

Talking about the launch, Yoho co-founder Prateek Singhal said “We saw that there are many aspects in daily life where one prefers footwear that can be put on quickly. While there are many options for that in open footwear, when it comes to closed footwear, even the easy footwear or slip-ons need some kind of adjusting with hands to put on the shoes. Besides, the slip-on in the market aren’t really that great when it comes to looks. And now with Blinc, after testing countless prototypes, we are ready to offer a hands-free experience like no other. We've worked hard to create something that goes beyond expectations, giving unmatched comfort and convenience without breaking the bank. With Blinc, we’re revolutionizing the industry and redefining how the world will  approach footwear in the future.”  

Sharing his views, Yoho co-founder Ahmad Hushsham said, “Those who look out for a quick breather after long office hours or road trips, will love the comfort and simplicity of Blinc. Slipping them on and off is as effortless as taking a moment to relax. It's almost as if they were custom-made, keeping the shoe-off habits or the love to stay barefoot at home in mind!"

Recognised for its fashionable and orthopedically engineered footwear, Yoho revolutionizes the footwear industry by introducing a seamlessly integrated experience with its hands-free mechanism.  Yoho has also engineered a special Footpharma sole in all of its footwear that offers proper gait and posture to the body. Even the slippers offered by the brand feature arch support are already a big hit amongst consumers. The company also offers footwear in big sizes (size 12-15) catering to the needs of consumers who require big-size footwear.

The company till now has sold over three lac plus footwear across 46 categories across states. Planning to expand its product lineup from 46 to 100 styles, featuring an array of colour combinations, the company is eager to introduce some of the most innovative footwear options to the Indian market, making comfort and style accessible to everyone, from college-goers to veterans Additionally, Yoho has also made its mark in brick-and-.mortar retail stores, and has entered offline outlets starting  October 2023, backed by strong interest from large-format retail chains. The company further aims to use AI-powered manufacturing solutions and capture a piece of the $13.49 billion Indian footwear industry.