Truecaller empowers users with new 'True' identity

Truecaller empowers users with new 'True' identity

The new identity reflects focus on privacy and trust-building.


Mumbai: Truecaller, the world's global communications platform unveils its new corporate brand identity with a redesigned brand logo and app icon. The new look and feel of the brand with a refreshed app icon reflects the essence of the Truecaller brand, making it much more distinctive which will be instantly recognizable anywhere. Interbrand, the world’s leading brand consultancy and Truecaller have conceptualised this together to create a governing idea and key insight that addresses people's desire for clarity, confidence, freedom, and fulfilment.

The new brand identity is created with an intent to serve as an enabler and help drive a change for the users who are prone to vulnerabilities and increasing scams in the digital space. The tone of voice and colors of the redesign reflect the personality of the brand – trustworthy, straightforward and approachable as we strive to put the power back into the hands of the people to have more control over their life with safe communication.

“Today when brands are going out of their way to find their ‘purpose’, we don’t take lightly that we have purpose built into the core of our business. When we empower our users to take the right call, they in turn empower millions more by marking out fraud and spam calls. This flywheel of trust, powered by our 356-million strong global community, helps make communication a little safer every day. Our new positioning and brand identity is a reflection of this empowerment and trust.” said Truecaller VP global brand Ashwani Sinha.

Talking about the new identity, Interbrand India & South Asia CEO Ashish Mishra said “Brands are increasingly being built on new acts of leadership. In areas which concern the world and its people most. We found an opportunity in the pervasive disinformation that plagues our times. Truecaller perhaps is the best placed brand in the world to lead the empowerment of people, businesses, and communities through true information. Under this larger ambit of nobility laced with a touch of activism, lie the more tangible step ups of recognizability and smooth experience. A signature design system and UX audit to identify the experience gaps helped deliver these within the rebrand.”