Top five electric bicycle brand making waves in India

Top five electric bicycle brand making waves in India

Their eco-friendly design and affordability are fueling their rise in popularity.

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Mumbai: Electric bicycles are gaining popularity in India, and transforming the way people commute. Their eco-friendly design and affordability are fueling their rise in popularity. As cities battle pollution and traffic jams, electric bicycles emerge as a sustainable solution for urban travel. The pedal assist technology makes riding effortless, opening them up to people of all ages and fitness levels. Government initiatives promoting electric vehicles and a growing awareness of environmental conservation are propelling electric bicycles forward as a clean and convenient mode of transportation across the country.

1. EMotorad Doodle V3

The EMotorad Doodle v3 foldable electric bicycle prioritizes both convenience and performance for the urban rider. Its high-tensile aluminum frame folds seamlessly for effortless storage and transport, while the vibrant color options and lifetime warranty ensure a stylish and reliable ride. The Doodle boasts a powerful 12.75Ah battery with a quick-release mechanism, along with a waterproof LCD display for real-time ride data.  A 250W rear hub motor combined with a Shimano Tourney 7-speed drivetrain offers smooth and efficient pedaling assistance, while the wide 4-inch fat tires provide exceptional stability on any terrain. Whether navigating city streets or exploring new paths, the EMotorad Doodle v3 is the perfect companion for eco-conscious cyclists seeking a blend of comfort, power, and functionality.

2. Nexzu Bazinga

Leading the charge in long-distance electric mobility, the Nexzu Bazinga redefines your concept of e-bikes. Powered by a robust 14.5Ah Lithium-ion battery, the Bazinga boasts an impressive 100km range on a single charge. Conquer your daily commutes effortlessly or embark on extended leisure rides with minimal pedaling. The Bazinga offers dual riding modes: choose pedal-assist for a healthy workout or full throttle for a relaxed cruise, all while reaching speeds of up to 25 km/h. Safety remains a top priority with the inclusion of anti-skid pedals, advanced disc brakes, and an automatic electric cut-off that activates during braking. Wide, knobby 26-inch nylon tires provide exceptional stability on various terrains, while a front headlamp and built-in horn ensure optimal visibility and safety during nighttime rides. The Nexzu Bazinga is the perfect companion for eco-conscious riders seeking a blend of performance, comfort, and extended range.

3. Vaan Urbansport

Vaan's URBANSPORT premium electric cycle, designed and engineered by Benelli, redefines urban commuting by seamlessly blending style with eco-friendly technology. The powerful 250W rear hub motor propels you effortlessly for up to 60 kilometers on a single charge, with a maximum assisted speed of 25 kilometers per hour. Choose your riding style with a variety of modes – throttle, pedal assist, cruise, or even pure mechanical for a traditional cycling experience. The removable 48V 7.5Ah lithium-ion battery offers peace of mind for longer rides, while the compact and comfortable unisex aluminum frame ensures a smooth ride. Equipped with a Smart Vaan LCD display, 7-speed Shimano Tourney derailleur, Spinner USA front shock, and Promax disc brakes, the URBANSPORT prioritizes both performance and safety. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or new to the electric revolution, discover a sustainable and stylish way to navigate your city.

4. Hornback X1

The HORNBACK X1 electric bicycle prioritizes both functionality and performance for urban riders. This innovative folding design collapses seamlessly for effortless storage and transport, ideal for apartments, offices, or public commutes. Catering to users aged 16-50, the X1 boasts a weather-resistant build and a durable alloy steel and stainless steel frame, ensuring longevity and reliability.  A powerful battery delivers an impressive 45km range on a single charge, making the X1 a compelling choice for eco-conscious riders seeking a convenient and efficient commuting solution. While comfort ratings may suggest slight improvements are possible, the X1's user-friendly features, ease of assembly, and impressive range solidify its position as a leading contender in the folding electric bicycle category.

5. Hero Lectro Unisex

Hero Lectro unveils a new electric bicycle built for performance. This e-bike features a large 700mm wheel size for smooth riding and a powerful 250W BLDC motor delivering high torque. The lightweight, high-quality aluminum frame measures 175x28x115mm and weighs around 20kg, making it easy to maneuver.  For added convenience, it boasts four riding modes to suit your needs and an IP67-certified integrated battery for superior water resistance. Available in a sleek black finish, this Hero Lectro electric bicycle is a compelling option for urban riders seeking a blend of performance, comfort, and eco-friendly transportation.