Sattvik Certifications awards Farmley with vegetarian and vegan certification

Sattvik Certifications awards Farmley with vegetarian and vegan certification

Sattvik certifications enhance Farmley's image as a responsible market player.

Sattvik Council

Mumbai: Sattvik Certifications, a leading standard-developing organisation specifically for vegetarian and vegan standard certifications, is proud to announce that Farmley, has been awarded the prestigious vegetarian and vegan certifications in recognition of its commitment to producing vegetarian and plant-based products and maintaining a cruelty-free manufacturing process.

Sattvik Certifications, noted for its strict standards and extensive review procedure, has awarded Farmley the vegetarian and vegan certificates following a thorough inspection of its facilities, ingredients, and manufacturing practices.

Farmley co-founder Abhishek Agarwal expressed enthusiasm about the recognition, stating, "We are honored to receive the Vegetarian and Vegan Certifications from Sattvik Certifications. This acknowledgment aligns with our dedication to offering high-quality, vegetarian, and vegan  products while upholding ethical and sustainable practices in our manufacturing process."

Sattvik Certifications assesses a variety of criteria, including as ingredient sourcing, production procedures, and cross-contamination prevention measures, to verify that a manufacturing unit meets the stringent requirements for vegetarian and vegan certifications.

"We are pleased to grant the prestigious Vegetarian and Vegan Certifications to Farmley. This recognition is a testament to their commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. Farmley exemplifies the values that Sattvik Certifications and the Sattvik Council of India champion – a dedication to quality, compassion, and the well-being of both consumers and the environment." said Sattvik Certifications founder Sattvik Council of India secretary general Abhishek Biswas.

The Farmley production plant's dedication to sustainability, animal welfare, and consumer health has established it as a food production industry leader. Sattvik's vegetarian and vegan certifications add to Farmley’s image as a responsible and conscientious market player. Providing labeling clarity and quality assurance to their loyal vegetarian and vegan customers.