Oteria launches a digital film; drives awareness about human body’s Circadian Rhythm for skin health

Oteria launches a digital film; drives awareness about human body’s Circadian Rhythm for skin health

Aims to advocate for holistic skincare practices based on the human body’s natural rhythm.


Mumbai: With its recent entry into the D2C skincare market, Rivpra Formulation’s skin care brand Oteria, today announced the launch of its new brand film, ‘Skincare Symphony with Circadian Rhythm Melody’. In a refreshing melodic spin, the film aims to advocate for holistic skincare practices based on the human body’s Circadian Rhythm, just like the symphonies of a song. Oteria, through its wide product portfolio, encourages customers to opt for skincare which doesn't feel like a chore but instead allows them to nourish their skin through the day.

The film, conceptualised and produced by M&C Saatchi has been launched across Oteria’s digital platforms, playing to the tunes of one’s Circadian Rhythm and highlighting each product set to a different rhythm for a different time of the day for 24x7 skincare needs. Oteria’s #PlayingToSkin harnesses the power of Circadian Rhythm which plays a vital role in the overall skin health. The Circadian Rhythm is responsible for functions like cell turnover, collagen creation and UV protection, alongside combating other external stressors. Oteria, with its thoughtfully designed products, enables customers to have fun with skincare without the jargon it surrounds.

On the launch of the brand film, Rivpra Formulations & Oteria director Vibhor Rastogi shared, “The film is set against the backdrop of a human body’s circadian rhythm and with Oteria, our goal is to heighten the awareness about skincare that suits the needs of one’s skin, 24x7. The film creatively plays to the rhythm of our day, highlighting the key products and ingredients that customers should be using to replenish their skin through the 4 essential zones of the day – such as the All Rounder Skin Cream and White Tea Face Wash for when you RISE, Radiant Kiwi Mist to revitalise your noon SHINE, Plumpy Skin Serum to unwind and CHILL and lastly Time Travel Under Eye Serum that helps to restore right before you YAWN.”

Furthering Oteria’s commitment, Oteria marketing head Aditi Jain added, “As a brand, we take pride in providing gender-neutral holistic skincare solutions with a comprehensive approach to skin, hair and body care and the film is a testament to that commitment.”

Behind the visual storytelling, M&C Saatchi February managing director Gopal S Krishnan said, “The idea behind this film is to break away from the usual clutter of overloaded information, filled with jargons and terminologies, before and after feel, et al by the skincare industry. Oteria brand film brings the best of science and nature and makes skincare easy to understand and accessible to all genders. The film’s catchy melody effortlessly takes you through a person’s whole day, by simply following the body’s natural circadian rhythm by using the 4 simple routines of Oteria at the 4 times of the day. Grooving, dancing and singing the protagonist does it all! And gets the most effective results by simply using the right product at the right time. It is only an added pro that the harmony is fun and groovy!”

Following its debut in the D2C Skincare space, the brand launched 19 products and plans to launch 30 more products by 2026. With these product lines, the company is promoting skin awareness and education about one's Circadian Rhythm. All Oteria products are available on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and Oteria's direct-to-consumer (D2C) platform, www.oteria.com.