Monte Carlo ropes in Raveena Tandon as the brand ambassador for their new vertical

Monte Carlo ropes in Raveena Tandon as the brand ambassador for their new vertical

The brand will offer premium products.

Ms. Raveena Tandon

Mumbai: Monte Carlo, a leading all-season brand  identified the lack of quality home textile products and decided to tap the market segment with their new vertical, Monte Carlo Home. The brand announced its official launch with Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon as its brand ambassador. Through this synergy, Monte Carlo Home aims to elevate the standards of the home textile industry, bringing forth designs that stand as the epitome of luxury, comfort, and panache.

Monte Carlo Home evokes the sentiment of ‘home is where the heart belongs’ and aims to connect with more consumers with its new range. The aim of this association with Ms. Raveena Tandon is to position Monte Carlo Home as a leading player in the modern home decor and lifestyle segment. 

The brand offers a diverse product range, including bed sheets, blankets, comforters, pillow covers, towels, and hand towels, delivering on the promise of quality, sustainability, and ethical sourcing. Each product piece is crafted by the industry's most esteemed designers and artisans and serves as a testament to Monte Carlo’s history of quality and excellence.

As the official brand ambassador, Ms. Raveena Tandon embodies the values of originality, credibility, and sophistication that Monte Carlo Home aims to represent. Monte Carlo executive director Monica Oswal, commented on the development, stating, “We are excited to officially launch into the market and thrilled to have the incredibly talented and elegant Ms. Raveena Tandon join us. Our brand values talk about warmth, love, and comfort, and Ms. Tandon’s association with us highlights that further, adding more value to our existence. We are confident that with Ms. Tandon’s support, our brand will become a symbol of comfort and true craftsmanship in the home decor and lifestyle segment.”  

Taking up her role as the brand ambassador, Tandon remarked, “I am thrilled to begin this beautiful journey with Monte Carlo Home, a brand that resonates with my own ethos of elegance, comfort, and timeless style. The meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful design in each piece tell a story that is not just seen but felt, transforming our living spaces into sanctuaries of tranquility and luxurious comfort. Much like the characters I portray, every collection is crafted with a unique narrative, weaving a tapestry that envelops you in an embrace of warmth, luxury, and sublime living. Together, we’ll embark on this enchanting journey where our homes become a reflection of our stories, our aspirations, and our unwavering commitment to exquisite living. Here’s to creating spaces that are not merely dwelled in but cherished, celebrated, and loved, with Monte Carlo Home."  

With the new vertical and brand association, Monte Carlo Home aims to bring the vision to life by designing a range of products that resonate brilliantly with grandeur and indulgence. The sophisticated product line is designed to help turn one’s home into a reflection of identity and a canvas of dreams that exude nothing but elegance.