“Nova Dairy has a milk handling capacity of 2.2M ltr per day”: Ravin Saluja

“Nova Dairy has a milk handling capacity of 2.2M ltr per day”: Ravin Saluja

To be able to satisfy the customer's needs and wants is a big responsibility.

Ravin Saluja

Mumbai: The Indian dairy industry stands as a pillar of the nation's economy, boasting a rich legacy of excellence and innovation. Among its esteemed contributors is Sterling Agro Industries Ltd, a pioneering force renowned for its iconic brands 'Nova' and 'A-One', revered for their premium quality across households nationwide. Notably, the brand was selected for the sacred Pran Pratishtha ceremony of Ayodhya Ram Mandir on 22 January 2024, affirming its cultural significance and widespread trust.

With over 30 years of steadfast retail presence and a robust international footprint spanning 33 countries, Sterling Agro remains a cornerstone of India's dairy landscape. Large institutions and well-known corporate giants are among the company's preferred bulk customers including Indian Railways, Nestle, ITC Ltd, Air India, etc.

Indian Television in conversation with Nova Dairy (Sterling Agro Industries Ltd) director Ravin Saluja delved into the brand's journey over the past three decades; maintaining competitive edge in both domestic and international markets, on catering to large institutions like Indian Railways and more...

Edited Excerpts:

On the journey of Sterling Agro Industries Ltd over the last three decades and its differentiating aspect from its competitors

In the past three decades, there has been a revolution in the dairy industry. A considerable impact was left by the white revolution, which completely changed the scope for quite a lot of budding dairy industries. As for Sterling Agro Industries, I may say that we experienced both — the highs and the lows of this journey, and through this, we got to learn a lot about how things get done in this business. However, the love and trust of our customers, in our products, has been something that has made us what we are today, and we strive to stand up to their expectations even in future.

On Nova ensuring premium quality across its wide range of dairy products, including the innovative practices or technologies used in the production and processing of your dairy products

Of course, Nova ensures that its products are prepared in the hygienically cleanest and most advanced ways, standing up to the set parameters of FSSAI. Our three state-of-the-art factories are equipped with the most advanced technologies, which ensures that our products are qualitatively the best in our segment. This is how we work in providing our customers the best-in-class products.

On Sterling Agro Industries Ltd maintaining its competitive edge in both domestic and international markets

To be able to satisfy the customer's needs and wants is a big responsibility. Our supplies span across 33 countries, along with those in our country besides. To maintain our edge in the market, it becomes important for us to be able to attend to the demands of our customers without failing to do so. And when we pass the test, we become certain of our presence in the market beside our competitors.

On Nova Dairy’s feeling about its ghee being selected as a crucial ingredient for the pran pratishtha ritual at the Ayodhya Ram Mandir, and the significance this held for the company in terms of its cultural and societal impact

Honestly speaking, it was a moment that filled us with pride and sentiment. Culturally, lord Ram and Ghee share strong ties with the Indian households. Ghee even finds a strong and special relationship with lord Krishna in the Indian landscape. The selection of our ghee for the pran pratishtha gave us a push to perform better and better in keeping firm the trust that our products built up among our customers. And this is a commitment which we are dutifully committed to, which even drives us with zeal and enthusiasm.

On the unique challenges and opportunities that the dairy industry presents in India, and Nova navigating them

One of the most important challenges faced by dairy industries today, is that of building up the values of customer satisfaction and trust in the services offered. Our commitment is to offer the best in class products in the most cost-effective range, so that we may continue to delight our customers in the most economical ways.

On the company staying ahead of market trends and evolving consumer preferences in the dairy industry

We draw a big picture of the needs of our customers, through their response to our products available in the market. Now that the summer season is around the corner, the preference of the customers would considerably shift towards lassi and buttermilk, along with our other products. In such a condition, Nova Dairy ensures that its customers are served with the best quality lassi and buttermilk, so that they may refresh themselves with these drinks in extremely hot climatic conditions, without having to regret their purchase. This is something which is of earnest importance to us.

On the company catering to the diverse needs of both individual consumers and large institutions like Indian Railways and Nestle

Our three large state-of-the-art factories are capable of procuring and processing around two million litres of milk everyday. Such a large quantity of milk helps us in catering to the needs of our bulk consumers, such as Indian Railways and Nestle, as well as our individual customers, that is, the general public. For this purpose, we have a wide segment of products and services through which the customer needs may be kept at the front and may be delivered well.

On upcoming projects or expansions that Nova has planned for the future

Nova Dairy has a milk handling capacity of 22 lac litres per day. The milk procurement depends exclusively on seasons. While it is a flush season, the procurement happens to be up to the mark; but when it is an off-season, the procurement happens to revolve somewhere around 30-40 per cent. I think, we would like to take those numbers up, in future.