MMA Global India launches AI Advisory

MMA Global India launches AI Advisory

Commits to power strategic AI utilisation in marketing.

MMA Global India

Mumbai: MMA Global India proudly announces the inauguration of the MMA Global India AI Advisory, a collaborative effort uniting the marketing ecosystem comprising members such as McDonald's, HP, Microsoft, EY, ReBid, SAS, Netcore, Airtel, Aditya Birla Group, Tata Consumer Products, Bridgestone, CEAT, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, L’Oreal India, Mondelez, MakeMyTrip, and many others.

Why AI Advisory?

The subject of AI is fast-evolving, and keeping up with the pace can be challenging. The MMA Global India AI Advisory is here to provide the right platform for industry representatives to discuss challenges, engage in knowledge sharing, and drive collaboration for growth.

"With 3 out of 4 companies already experimenting and scaling, especially in areas like marketing optimization and personalization, our AI Advisory will serve as a compass to enable marketers to harness intelligence and propel innovation. I wish to welcome our AI advisory members and the industry to help shape the future of AI in marketing and together tread the path to AI-powered marketing,” shared MMA Global India country head and board member Moneka Khurana. She further added that “this council serves as a testament to our commitment to fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and pushing the boundaries of AI applications in the Indian marketing landscape."

Objective of the AI Advisory:

The AI Advisory at MMA Global India is committed to driving the adoption of AI applications in marketing at scale. It represents a working coalition of leading marketers and thought leaders focused on applying AI to marketing responsibly and effectively.

What Sets the Advisory Apart:

With a special focus on the Indian market, the MMA Global India AI Advisory ensures marketers have access to relevant content and resources needed to be at the forefront of technological innovation.

Ernst & Young, head & partner and marketing advisory Amiya Swaru sharing his excitement for the launch, said, “The MMA India AI Advisory is a significant initiative; and a commitment to drive effective AI integration in marketing. Through thought leadership, the AI Advisory’s objective is to enable marketers to deliver business goals using effective use of AI and technology.”

Our Experts on the Council Will aim to:

1   Champion AI-Powered Marketing and Branding Tech

2   Foster Knowledge Sharing via Thought Leadership

3   Keep Members at the Forefront of AI Marketing Applications

 Establish Authority in Marketer Tech and Be the Go-To Council

This group is laser-focused on driving conversations at a micro-level for the industry, with visible outcomes in reports, use cases, surveys, and more. Dedicated solely to the Indian market, the MMA Global India AI Advisory guarantees marketers access to content most pertinent to them, ensuring MMA's members remain leaders in this generation's most critical frontier of technological innovation.

"In the realm of AI-driven marketing, the MMA Global India AI Advisory stands as a beacon of industry collaboration. The advisory’s collective mission is clear - to champion AI-powered marketing and pave the way for marketers to not just adapt but lead in this era of transformative technology," were some strong closing words by another key founding member of the council, ReBid CEO & founder Rajiv Dingra.