Lord’s Automative partners with GarageWorks to revolutionise the electric vehicle service landscape in India

Lord’s Automative partners with GarageWorks to revolutionise the electric vehicle service landscape in India

This alliance is poised to reshape the electric two and three wheeler's after-sales services.

Lord’s Automative Pvt. Ltd.

Mumbai: Lord’s Automative Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Lord's Mark Industries and a market leader in India known for the production of best-in-class environmentally friendly electric 2W and 3W, is proud to announce its exclusive partnership with GarageWorks, a front-runner in doorstep two-wheeler and three-wheelers after-sales services, to provide after-sales doorstep support to the customers for all EV service requirements.  

This strategic alliance between Lords Automative and GarageWorks presents an enticing business prospect, poised to reshape the electric two-wheeler and three-wheeler after-sales services landscape nationwide while aiming to contribute to a cleaner and greener future for the country. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, Lords Automative offers top-quality electric vehicles, while GarageWorks' expertise ensures complete doorstep support for electric vehicle owners throughout their journey.

GarageWorks' doorstep services have redefined two & three-wheeler management, providing consumers with unprecedented convenience and assurance. Since its inception in 2017, GarageWorks has seamlessly delivered over 200,000 services, showcasing its commitment to excellence and innovation. GarageWorks' prowess extends beyond innovative service offerings, encompassing a skilled workforce proficient in diagnosing and addressing challenges for both ICE and EVs. This unique expertise positions GarageWorks as a valuable servicing partner for OEMs nationwide.

Lords Automative Pvt. Ltd. CEO Dr. Veer Singh, expressed his profound enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "We are delighted to join hands with GarageWorks to revolutionise the electric vehicle service market in India. Together, our shared aspiration is deeply tied to sustainability, innovation, and our unwavering belief in the potential of electric mobility to transform the automotive sector. With our commitment to producing top-quality electric vehicles and GarageWorks' expertise in after-sales support, we aim to drive the journey towards a greener and more sustainable future for India's electric vehicle industry."

The recent National Informatics Centre (NIC) report highlights monthly sales of approximately 50,000 electric two-wheelers in key urban centers, underscoring the shift towards sustainability driven by escalating fuel costs. Demand for after-sales service for electric two-wheelers is set to grow at a rapid pace. This growing need for maintenance services for such vehicles creates a unique challenge as India's two-wheeler after-sales servicing is handled primarily by the unorganized sector. It is estimated that only 20 per cent of two-wheelers were serviced at OEM workshops after the warranty period in FY'22.

GarageWorks, with its forward-looking vision, emerges as a transformative force to address this challenge. The company had already set up training modules for its mechanics to understand electric bikes back in 2022. "Our strategic partnership with Lord’s Automotive Pvt. Ltd. signifies a pivotal moment in the Two-Wheeler and Three-Wheeler EV industry. As EVs surge in popularity, the seamless integration of top-tier vehicles and doorstep services redefines the ownership experience. This collaboration will empower EV manufacturers to focus on production and sales, while we converge with our unparalleled services with the help of our mechanics who are trained to repair electric vehicles," emphasises GarageWorks co-founder & head EV Ravishankar Krishnamurthy.

“Apart from safety and range, after-sales support is one of the top three concerns for any user willing to switch to EV. This partnership aims to address customer concerns through a hassle-free doorstep experience,” he added

Currently operational in 10 cities in India viz. Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Surat, Ahmedabad, Indore, Jaipur, and Lucknow, GarageWorks plans to expand its footprint to all major cities across India within the next few months, making its exceptional services accessible to a wider audience.

This collaboration between Lord’s Automative and GarageWorks signifies a much-needed step towards a more sustainable future in India's electric vehicle industry. By combining their expertise, these two industry leaders aim to make electric vehicle proprietorship not just ecologically mindful but also a blissful and worthwhile experience.