Data-driven creativity: Unleashing the power of in-house insights at RepIndia: Nazneen Joshi

Data-driven creativity: Unleashing the power of in-house insights at RepIndia: Nazneen Joshi

The beauty of digital is that it is ever-evolving

Nazneen Joshi

Mumbai: RepIndia, India’s leading independent digital marketing and communications firm that offers integrated digital services to brands across the country. Steered by the ambition of delivering full-stack digital marketing and communication services for clients across different industries. With a strong presence in key cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, and Pune, RepIndia has solidified its position as a prominent player in the creative and digital domain.

The evolving landscape of digital marketing is focusing on prioritising user engagements through all means necessary. While technology lies at the centre point of it, the focus on leveraging it remains scarce. At such a juncture, RepIndia, seeks to integrate technology and content together to create synergistic economies of scale to help clients offer unparalleled user experience to their customers. The brand aims to grow by 60 per cent in FY24.

Nazneen Joshi is senior vice president and heads the West region for RepIndia, India’s leading independent digital marketing agency that offers full-stack digital services to brands across the country. Her responsibilities encompass the supervision of the Mumbai, Kolkata and Pune branches, making her a pivotal figure in the agency's operational landscape.

Her focus on new business development involves crafting actionable strategies to ensure account profitability. She also holds the position of RepIndia's PoSh Chairperson, exemplifying her commitment to fostering a positive work environment. Joshi envisions RepIndia as the preeminent digital agency in India, specialising in reputation management and corporate communication. She aims for the agency to be the leading creative force in the country and to expand its presence globally. in an email chat with Joshi, to talk about the agency and their multiple offerings to their clients and much more……

Edited excerpts

On RepIndia being different from other Agencies which are present in the industry

RepIndia is one of the largest, independent, integrated digital communications firms in the country with a pan-India presence. We are one of the only agencies which offers integrated solutions that are deeply rooted in tech, data and communications. With one of the largest 24X7 ORM, SEO, CRM and creative teams, we offer clients insights backed by data we mine in house, backed with a corresponding communications strategy. This gives us access to real gaps for a particular brand and a unique opportunity to address those gaps by means of digital strategy, creative storytelling and tech solutions.

On RepIndia differentiating itself from other digital agencies, and some unique value bringing to the clients

We bring clients a holistic, integrated approach. Given our founders come from finance backgrounds - the focus on data, ROI, real insights and analytics cannot be undermined. From a single post, to a 360* creative campaign, everything that we do at RepIndia is deeply rooted in data that mine in-house. By having access to 24X7 social listening teams, tools and data - we are monitoring, second by second what customers are saying about our brands, where the gaps are, where reputation is taking a hit, where the interest is and are sufficiently being able to supplement that with strategy, creative innovation, tech, data and communication.

On RepIndia helping brands and businesses develop digital campaigns that are both targeted and engaging for their audience

RepIndia deploys the most sophisticated tools available to deep-dive into target audience insights. We then pair those with the goals/objectives for a given brand to generate communication (digital campaigns, influencer amplification, communication, content, etc.) that organically resonates with the audience. We also formulate media strategies to ensure that each campaign is juiced for the maximum mileage ensuring that our brand gets the visibility, reach and engagement that is desired while generating positive sentiment for the brand in the eyes of our target audience by giving them the content that they have organically been seeking.  

On the ever evolving field of Digital marketing and Social Media, with new trends and technologies emerging constantly and RepIndia staying up-to-date with the latest trends, and incorporating them into your clients’ campaigns

When you have a workforce made up of people that eat, breathe and sleep digital - this is an inevitable eventuality. You cannot work in the digital domain without constantly innovating and adapting. You will suddenly have to cater to a new platform, a new algorithm, a new trend, etc. The beauty of digital is that it is ever-evolving. Having veterans in our team ensures that we are up to date with every trend, connected with representatives from every platform and have at our fingertips access to the most advanced tools to be able to track, monitor and see the direction the industry is heading and stay one step ahead at all times.

On new innovations according to RepIndia be implemented in the industry

At RepIndia Voice Search is a significant focus to optimize our search strategies that we’ve been experimenting with. Communications strategy within the metaverse is another territory that we are investing in + AR and VR integrations, specifically to deliver video immersive experiences to customers.

On the challenges faced as an agency catering to such big client mandates in the Digital space

Budgetary Constraints: Getting brands to invest more heavily on digital is always a challenge, but one that can be overcome with the right insight and strategy. Budgeting can be a hindrance, but it’s fulfilling when we are able to execute meaningful work within these constraints. Creative solutions and better use of resources, monopolies of scale, etc. can help executing campaigns and creative without exploiting marketing budgets.

Measuring Success: Given how nascent digital still is - we are yet to arrive at acceptable measures for success, this often varies brand to brand - marketing professional to marketing professional.

Client Retention: Retaining clients is our singular most important priority - even more valuable than acquiring new clients.  RepIndia has always focused on building long-term relationships with our clients, providing exceptional customer service, and delivering results that exceed expectations. This is what has ultimately allowed us to build and scale up a stable, sustainable business, with physical presence, pan-India.

Blox.XYZ, NPCI, Kolte Patil, Amante, Xtep, Cairn India, Taco Bell, Raymond Realty, Blusmart.

On the role of social media in a brand’s digital marketing strategy, helping its clients navigate the complex world of social media marketing

Social media plays a critical role in marketing. It allows you to create a dialogue with your target audience, increase brand awareness, provide targeted communication, improve customer engagement, and drive traffic to a desired platform. At RepIndia, we have observed first hand by launching multiple brands on social media such as Burger King, Sephora, Gap and Tata Trusts - how social media platforms have become essential tools for businesses of all sizes. By following best practices, developing a comprehensive social media strategy, and regularly analyzing performance, businesses can maximize their social media presence and drive business results.