“Our ultimate goal is to achieve a zero percent tolerance for misleading job postings”: Anand Chandran

“Our ultimate goal is to achieve a zero percent tolerance for misleading job postings”: Anand Chandran

The company regularly launches campaigns on spreading awareness about fraudulent jobs.

Anand Chandran

Mumbai: WorkIndia is one of India’s leading tech-enabled blue and gray-collar recruitment platform. The company regularly launches many campaigns on spreading awareness about fraudulent jobs and how WorkIndia is enabling candidates to directly connect with the employers to ease the process.

One such campaign is #AbBasWorkIndia, showcasing its unique calling model. This model addresses various challenges faced by blue-collar workers in the hiring process.

Indiantelevision.com reached out to WorkIndia head of growth Anand Chandran. During the interview, Chandran delved more into sharing insights of their campaign, the challenges faced by blue collar workers and more…

Edited excerpts

On elaborating #AbBasWorkIndia campaign and its main objectives

Under the umbrella theme of #AbBasWorkIndia, we had a strategic focus on three crucial aspects: addressing the urgent need for employment, facilitating direct HR interaction, and combating job market fraud.

By shining a light on these areas, our campaign aimed to acknowledge and address the intense pressure and anxiety that job seekers often face, as well as equip them with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the complexities of the modern job market. In particular, our efforts to facilitate direct communication with HR representatives and raise awareness of job market fraud were essential in improving transparency and safeguarding individuals against exploitation.

Addressing the Urgent Need for Employment: Our initiative shed light on the intense desperation and anxiety experienced by job seekers in their quest for employment. We emphasized the detrimental effects of this pressure, such as resorting to contacting random acquaintances for job leads, leading to diminished confidence and heightened stress levels.

Facilitating Direct HR Interaction: Traditionally, candidates lack the direct avenue to communicate with HR personnel or arrange interviews independently. Through our campaign, we emphasized our unique feature of facilitating direct communication with HR representatives, thereby streamlining the process and enhancing clarity for all parties involved.

Combatting Job Market Fraud: A pivotal component of our efforts involved raising awareness about prevalent job market frauds. Our focus was particularly on blue-collar workers, who are often more vulnerable to such schemes due to limited awareness. We elucidated common fraudulent tactics, such as soliciting money from unsuspecting candidates, to empower individuals with the knowledge needed to safeguard themselves against exploitation.

On steps you have taken to ensure the authenticity of job listings on your platform

To ensure the authenticity of job listings on our platform, we've implemented various measures. Firstly, we actively raise awareness through campaigns and discussions on social media platforms, educating users about the risks of fraudulent job listings. Secondly, we've established a unique three-step filtration process tailored to combat fraud in job openings, especially for blue-collar applicants. This approach has resulted in a remarkable success rate, with only a minimal 3% of fraudulent job openings on our platform, significantly lower compared to similar platforms. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a zero percent tolerance for misleading job postings, which we aim to accomplish through the utilization of advanced systems such as Business Rule Management Systems, Profanity Filters, and a proprietary Graph Connectivity Engine. These technologies effectively combat fraudulent, vulgar jobs, and job brokers, ensuring a secure environment for genuine job seekers.

On WorkIndia educating and informing candidates about avoiding fraudulent jobs and witnessing a significant impact in reducing fraudulent activities since implementing these measures

WorkIndia takes proactive steps to educate and inform candidates about avoiding fraudulent job opportunities. We employ various strategies to achieve this goal. Firstly, we conduct feedback sessions with our candidates to gain insights into how effectively our messaging reaches our audience. Through these sessions, we gather valuable feedback on the clarity, relevance, and impact of our anti-fraud initiatives. Additionally, we engage in virtual and direct conversations with candidates, providing them with practical tips and guidance on identifying and avoiding fraudulent job listings. These efforts have allowed us to address individual concerns and tailor our advice to specific situations. Moreover, we encourage candidates to actively participate in the fight against fraud by flagging any suspicious or fake job listings they encounter on our platform. By empowering our users to report fraudulent activities, we create a collaborative environment where everyone plays a role in safeguarding the integrity of our job marketplace.

Since implementing these measures, we have observed a significant impact in reducing fraudulent activities. Not only have we seen an increase in candidates' awareness and vigilance regarding fraudulent job listings, but we have also witnessed a rise in the number of reported incidents. This indicates a growing sense of responsibility and accountability among our user community, contributing to a safer and more trustworthy environment for job seekers. Through continuous monitoring, evaluation, and refinement of our anti-fraud initiatives, we remain committed to maintaining the integrity of our platform and protecting our users from potential scams and exploitation.

On some of the biggest challenges blue-collar workers face in the job market today

Blue-collar workers encounter several significant challenges in today's job market. One prominent issue is the lack of access to stable employment opportunities. Many blue-collar jobs are precarious, with fluctuating demand and limited job security, leaving workers vulnerable to income instability and unemployment. Additionally, these workers often face barriers to career advancement and skills development, as opportunities for training and education may be limited in their respective industries. Furthermore, issues such as low wages, inadequate workplace safety standards, and limited access to benefits like healthcare and retirement plans contribute to the overall vulnerability of blue-collar workers. Moreover, the rise of automation and technological advancements pose a threat to traditional blue-collar jobs, leading to concerns about job displacement and the need for upskilling to remain competitive in the evolving labor market. These challenges underscore the importance of addressing systemic issues and implementing policies that prioritize the well-being and economic security of blue-collar workers.

On your main priorities for WorkIndia in the coming year

As the head of growth at WorkIndia, my main priorities for the coming year align closely with our overarching goals and missions:

Facilitating SMB Growth: One of our key priorities is to support small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in scaling up as part of our "Developing India" plan. We aim to provide them with access to high-quality talent and professionals who can help them grow their businesses and expand their operations. By connecting SMBs with skilled individuals who match their unique requirements, we aim to continue contributing to the economic development and prosperity of the nation.

Empowering All Indians: In line with the mission of "Vikshit Bharat," we are committed to helping individuals from all corners of India secure meaningful employment opportunities. By leveraging our platform, we strive to foster inclusive economic participation among all citizens, regardless of their background or location. Our focus is on creating equal opportunities for every Indian to thrive in the workforce and contribute to the nation's progress.

Promoting Platform Trustworthiness: Another critical priority is to spread awareness of our trusted platform, WorkIndia, and highlight its credibility in verifying genuine employers. We are dedicated to rooting out fraudulent activities and ensuring a secure environment for both employers and job seekers. By curating the best matches for each unique job requirement, we aim to enhance trust and reliability in the recruitment process, ultimately benefiting both parties involved.

By staying committed to these priorities, we aim to further our mission of providing meaningful livelihoods to the blue-collar workers of India.