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GUEST COLUMN: six trends the Indian animation industry is witnessing in 2022

Mumbai: The Indian animation industry has witnessed a considerable amount of growth in the past couple of years. As the pandemic forced people to stay at home, this increased the need for new content and the animation industry stepped up and delivered some amazing content. According to a report...

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GUEST COLUMN: A complete guide to retail analytics for 2022

Mumbai: There are a million things that retailers need to do every day. From creating strategies for attracting new customers to finding ways to retain old customers and introducing exciting offers and brand campaigns, they have to also keep an eye on the fierce competition in the market as well....

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Podcast consumption on Gaana jumped 40 % YoY in 2021: CMO Shashwat Goswami

If the digital revolution paved the way for the OTT boom, it also provided a fresh impetus to the audio industry to evolve with the changing times. As the habit of consuming content on the go became a lifestyle for people, audio emerged as the most convenient option to keep one entertained and...

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Omicron surge: Uncertainty prevails at theatrical box office worldwide

Los Angeles: With the boom in box office grosses from ‘Spiderman: No Way Home’ beginning to subside and the Omicron surge taking its toll, movie theatres worldwide are facing a sobering reality that the first two months of the 2022 box office could turn out to be a gloomy dry spell.

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#Retrace2021: Influencer-led purchases played a big role in driving growth: SUGAR CEO Vineeta Singh

An established name in the Indian beauty & personal care market, SUGAR Cosmetics was among the early movers into the D2C (direct-to-consumer) space as a digital-first cosmetic brand.

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