Whoppl launches Whoppl Studios Network

Whoppl launches Whoppl Studios Network

Aims to empower creators and brands across Bharath.


Mumbai: Whoppl, a leading innovator in the content creation industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of its state-of-the-art studio, designed to cater to all content creation needs. With its new launch, Whoppl aims to leverage its content expertise to help creators across categories shoot and produce high-quality content while fostering their creative potential.

Catalyzed by flexible office hours, remote work and renewal of passion pursuits, India’s creator landscape is growing by an annual compound rate of 25 per cent. According to Kalaari Capital’s report,  the current state of 450 Million social media users, India has about 80 million content creators in India. Brands are tapping into hyperlocal micro influencers‘ to boost connection, especially through the short-video format. To support brands, creators and individuals creating content alike, In a first of its kind initiative, Whoppl has announced the launch of Whoppl Studio Network - a one of its kind network of  collaborative shooting spaces to help produce content in a cost-effective manner.

"Whoppl is excited to revolutionize the content creation industry in India," said Whoppl CEO Ramya Ramachandran. She added. " One of the unique aspects of Whoppl's studios is the ability for influencers to book it on an hourly basis. India is one of the front-runners in terms of both content creators and consumers, hence we believe it is important to empower them. We want to make content creation accessible to all, regardless of their level of expertise or budget. Our studio aims to empower content creators by providing them with an unparalleled platform to unleash their creativity. We believe it would encourage more creators to come forward and showcase their talent.As India’s first content to commerce company, we are bullish on the role creators will play in the larger scheme of things. We are kick starting with our first studio but the larger goal is to reach Indian micro markets and empower creators across India and eventually reach global markets too."

The newly launched studios are dedicated to catering to the needs of Instagram content creators, offering an aesthetically pleasing ambiance that sets the stage for captivating visuals. The space is specially curated for like minded creators to hangout, create & collaborate. The space is primarily created for all things content and also meet all production needs- mainly ideas, backgrounds, props, technology & equipment. This network of collaborative shooting space will enable brands and creators to come together , inspire and create high value content at scale and real time.

With making such collaborative shooting spaces available across Tier II & III markets in the next five years, Whoppl aims to pioneer and aggregate the world of co-shooting spaces while enabling creators, individuals and brands across the spectrum. Whoppl has also  invested in one of its kind AI based platform which has an aggregated database of 200M from the globe and hyper localised segment for India & Bharath.The platform matches influencers to brands, budgets, marketing & communication along with intent , need and availability. This technology will truly democratise the role of content creators driving commerce and Business topline across India & Bharath.

Whoppl takes pride in being a creative agnostic company, offering a platform that welcomes influencers from all backgrounds and genres. The studios will not only benefit content creators but  will also support brands,  fostering an inclusive community and strengthening community connections.