Mad Influence, YouTube India, and Star Sports transform live-streaming landscape with #DostsLive

Mad Influence, YouTube India, and Star Sports transform live-streaming landscape with #DostsLive

#DostsLive hosts biggest watch party for top creators during India Vs South Africa in CWC2023.

Mad Influence, YouTube India, and Star Sports

Mumbai: In a historic collaboration, Mad Influence, YouTube India, and Star Sports have come together to pioneer a revolution in live-streaming, unveiling a remarkable, never-seen-before intellectual property (IP). This groundbreaking partnership has given birth to #DostsLive, an interactive YouTube livestream event held at the prestigious Star Sports Studios in Mumbai, marking a pivotal moment in the broadcasting industry.

#DostsLive hosted the biggest watch party of top creators during the India Vs South Africa match in the CWC2023, delivering an unparalleled viewing experience to fans worldwide. The event, live-streamed on Star Sports’ official YouTube channel, captivated audiences for an impressive 6 hours, 49 minutes, and 30 seconds on November 5, 2023.

Mad Influence CEO Gautam Madhavan expressed his excitement stating, "The creation of #DostsLive marks a significant milestone in the evolution of live-streaming. Our vision was to redefine the viewing experience, and the overwhelming response with 15 million+ viewership and 1.5 million+ engagement validates the success of our endeavour. This collaboration exemplifies the power of synergy in the digital age."

This collaborative effort brought together renowned YouTube content creators, including Gaurav Chaudhary (Technical Guruji), Tanmay Singh (Scout), Real Hit, RJ Mahvash, Thugesh, Chetan Monga, and others, showcasing the strength of collective creativity and influence in the digital space.

The event commenced with a powerful announcement by Star Sports, followed by creators taking to their YouTube communities and Instagram stories to build anticipation among their vast audience.

The creators not only brought energy to the livestream but also celebrated Virat Kohli's birthday in style. Gaurav Arora, the famous doppelganger of Virat Kohli, cut the cake with Cricket experts Mohammad Kaif and Sreesanth, making it a memorable moment. Videos capturing the birthday celebration were shared on the creators' profiles, adding a personal touch to the event.

As part of the celebration, the creators also had the chance to create videos with cricket experts Mohammed Kaif and S Sreesanth, bringing insightful and entertaining content to their audiences. Behind-the-scenes glimpses of the studio shenanigans were also shared by the creators on their profiles, giving fans an exclusive peek into the making of #DostsLive.

Despite the challenges posed by tight timelines, the successful execution of #DostsLive stands as a testament to the dedication and collective efforts of all teams and creators involved.

The event generated immense buzz on social media, with fans contributing over 100 posts on #DostsLive and over 5916 posts on #WorldCupOnStar, highlighting the impact and resonance it had among audiences.