The Viral Fever (TVF) & Sunstone partner for the new show 'NCR Days-Dreams, Dosti और MBA'

The Viral Fever (TVF) & Sunstone partner for the new show 'NCR Days-Dreams, Dosti और MBA'

The brand and the USP of Sunstone are embedded seamlessly in the story of the show.

The Viral Fever (TVF)

Mumbai: The Timeliners, an integral entertainment channel of The Viral Fever, popularly known as TVF, announced its collaboration with India’s leading higher education service provider, Sunstone, on Tuesday, for their upcoming show, NCR Days-Dreams, Dosti और MBA. The trailer for the show was released on TVF on 15 July.

Written and directed by Ambrish Verma, the brand and the USP of Sunstone are embedded seamlessly in the story of the show, moulding the students and guiding them towards a bright future. Nikhil Vijay, who has been seen before in TVF’s Hostel Dayz, College Romance, and many other shows and properties, is the lead of the show.

NCR Days-Dreams, Dosti और MBA is a concept well married to the brand positioning of Sunstone, spotlighting today’s motivation and intention for one’s success, that is not evaluated on the basis of their past records.

The show is a coming-of-age story of a small-town boy, Monu, who moves to a metro city to acquire an MBA degree. During the course of his MBA, Monu becomes a better human being, learning through his surroundings and the people he befriends at his institute. It’s the story of selfish, conservative, frivolous Monu, who evolves into a more empathetic and considerate human being over the course of the show.

The show stages the journey and lives of students in and out of their MBA college days, also exploring their personal lives along with the dynamics they share with each other.

Speaking about the collaboration, TVF president Vijay Koshy said, “The show is an ode to life. It’s a new-age story of a small-town boy moving to a metro city and experiencing life with people from diverse backgrounds. Sunstone enables higher education aspirants from small cities to achieve their dreams through their benefits. The show captures the hustle Monu and his friends undertake in their MBA college and personal lives too. Their relationship dynamics and Sunstone itself are instrumental in shaping them at every step of their way, helping them grow to be better managers for their competitive future.”

“The core thought of the show is that everyone should aspire to be in a better place in life by being a better human. It is set up in NCR because, having been brought up there, I’ve felt one thing about it-either it changes you or you constantly fight to stay who you are,” said Ambrish Verma.

Speaking about the partnership, Sunstone co-founder and COO Piyush Nangru said, “We are excited to be associated with The Viral Fever for a brand-new show, NCR Days-Dreams, Dosti और MBA. We believe TVF to be a perfect fit given their deep understanding and connection with the youth of our country, our core TG. Through this association, we want to reach out to millions of students who dream of breaking their status quo and choose an MBA to realise the same. Our unique offering with industry-aligned courses, expert masterclasses, relevant internships, and training boot camps ensures that students are truly industry-ready from day one of their careers. And what’s better than conveying our ethos through a web series created by one of the country’s most loved storytellers online.”

Founded by Arunabh Kumar in 2012, with innumerable shows in the realm of student life, like College Romance, Flames, Kota Factory and Hostel Dayz, TVF has pretty much completely dominated the entire category across platforms.