One Take Media launches Bhaktiflix OTT App

One Take Media launches Bhaktiflix OTT App

Get immersed in the spiritual & devotional universe with peaceful music bound with soulful lyrics


Mumbai: After the immense success of the OTT app Playflix K-Drama,  One Take Media Co. has now entered the devotional space with Bhaktiflix, an OTT app dedicated to devotional songs.  

One Take Media aims to give its viewers an immersive experience in the spiritual and devotional world with peaceful music and soulful lyrics and has now joined the Bhakti Movement with Bhaktiflix.

The Bhakti movement is quickly spreading across India for its noble teachings and the musical way of recitation, a great way to remember Indian deities in daily routine. OTMC’s Bhaktiflix app features famous devotional singers and a vast library of bhajans spanning traditional and modern genres; these devotional songs are not just in Hindi but also in various Indian regional languages, along with spirituals chants, popular shlokas, gurbaanis and kirtans.

Shamoly Khera, Jt. Managing Director, One Take Media Co. said, “In India’s bhakti movement, music certainly has become the vehicle of stepping into spirituality and devotion. The power of devotional music is beyond imagination. It’s worth noting that in today’s fast-paced world, spiritualism and god-devotion is being embraced with open arms. Devotional music has gathered immense popularity and will undoubtedly continue to rise.”    

OTMC’s devotional app Bhaktiflix is now integrated with OTT play and various other platforms. It is also available for download on the App store.

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