Joel Kinnaman discusses his character and Nicholas Cage in 'Sympathy for the Devil'

Joel Kinnaman discusses his character and Nicholas Cage in 'Sympathy for the Devil'

Watch Joel Kinnaman don a new look in Sympathy for The Devil, exclusively on Lionsgate Play.

Sympathy for the Devil

Mumbai: This devil is definitely not in disguise! Sympathy for the Devil is all set to make its digital premiere exclusively on Lionsgate Play in India on 29 September. Bringing Nicolas Cage and Joel Kinnaman in brand new avatars, the film follows an innocent taxi ride, taking an unexpected turn when the passenger holds the driver at gunpoint. A serious case of ‘there’s always more than meets the eye’, this thriller uncovers the characters' secrets in a mind-boggling chain of events. With Nick Cage and Joel Kinnaman at their emphatic best, Sympathy for the Devil is directed by Yuval Adler and will leave you wanting more.

Talking about the film, Joel Kinneman said, “Sympathy for the Devil is the psychological cat-and-mouse game between the driver and the passenger. I play the driver, Nicolas Cage plays the passenger. The Passenger has a lot of anger built up. He’s out to get the driver but we don't really know why and we don't know what's going on but he kidnaps him in the beginning of the film and over the course of the film we get to watch this game unspool. It's almost like a cinematic theater play because it's me and him throughout the whole journey.”

Continuing about his experience, he said, “I’ve done a lot of theater and of course, you’re on stage for hours sometimes and there's like a concentration that builds between you and there's this logic that performers understand. And to get to do that with Nick Cage was a career highlight.”

Stay tuned for the thrill of a lifetime with Sympathy For The Devil streaming exclusively on Lionsgate Play this 29 September.