Allu Arjun discusses Indian cinema on 'Duologue with Barun Das' season two premiere

Allu Arjun discusses Indian cinema on 'Duologue with Barun Das' season two premiere

The first episode gives exclusive insight into Allu Arjun's cinematic journey and industry vision.

Duologue Featuring Allu Arjun

Mumbai: The highly anticipated second episode of 'Duologue with Barun Das’ Season 2 made its connected TV premiere on News9 Live, India’s premier 24x7 digital English CTV news stream, at 9 pm on 18 May 2024. Episode one showcases a dynamic conversation between TV9 Network MD & CEO Barun Das and the iconic Indian actor, Allu Arjun.

In an inimitable exchange, Das and Arjun delved into the evolution of Indian cinema and the actor's pioneering contributions to the industry. Arjun, renowned for his versatility and dedication to his craft, opined on the status quo in Indian cinema, sharing valuable insights on the changing landscape of Bollywood and the global influence of non-English films like Korean cinema.

Reflecting on his own cinematic journey, Arjun discussed his passion for exploring diverse roles and experimenting with different genres. "Bollywood is undergoing a renaissance, and I want to be at the forefront of this transformation," he declared. Arjun's dedication to his craft and his willingness to take risks have earned him widespread acclaim, solidifying his status as one of India’s most bankable stars.

Regarding his personal growth journey, Arjun emphasized the learnings received from the works of renowned experts, including Dr. Deepak Chopra, whom Arjun claimed to be a big believer of, and who also appears as a guest in the second season of Duologue with Barun Das.

Elaborating on his optimism about the future of Indian cinema, Arjun shared his enthusiasm for the multi-genre format, emphasizing the importance of embracing new storytelling formats and pushing the boundaries of traditional filmmaking. Clarifying the USP of Indian cinema as one that blurs the lines between genres, creating a seamless blend of action, romance, comedy, and drama, he said, "I want to bridge the gap between Bollywood and global cinema, creating a unique cinematic experience that resonates with audiences worldwide".

Regarding the role of AI in the entertainment industry, Arjun welcomes technological advancements as tools for innovation and creativity, stating, "If there's something new coming, I'll be the first person to embrace it because it is inevitable. It is going to change. Let us accept the change with open arms."

The conversation offered viewers a rare glimpse into the future of Indian cinema and the visionary approach of one of its brightest stars. Marking the start of the CTV premiere of ‘Duologue with Barun Das’ season two, the episode will be followed next week with one featuring footballing great Oliver Kahn, on Saturday, the 25 May, with further episodes to release every Saturday at 9 pm, on News9 Live.