‘Video Cam Scam’: EPIC ON's new gripping series exposes the world of sextortion

‘Video Cam Scam’: EPIC ON's new gripping series exposes the world of sextortion

The series stars Amruta Khanvilkar & Rajneish Duggall in lead roles.

Video Cam Scam

Mumbai: Did you know India witnesses 500 cases of sextortion every day? Sextortion scams are the biggest threats of the internet, and EPIC ON’s upcoming web series is an edge-of-the-seat thriller that tackles this subject.

‘Video Cam Scam’ starring Amruta Khanvilkar and Rajneish Duggall, is a twist and turn filled tale about a husband and wife battling the dark and deadly forces behind the shocking online crime known as ‘sextortion’.

Scheduled to release on 12 January, the series follows Vinay Kumar, an honest and upright police officer, and Priya, his kind and loving wife. The picture-perfect couple is pulled into the sinful world of sextortion when Vinay gets trapped in this wicked web.

Will Vinay be proven innocent? Can Priya save her husband?

The Blue Drop Films production answers these enthralling questions while also serving a timely reminder against the dangers of the internet. The show also stars Farnaz Shetty, Kunj Anand, Rahul Singh, Aradhana Sharma and Pritam Singh in pivotal roles.

Sharing his comments on their second web show, EPIC ON COO Sourjya Mohanty said, “At EPIC ON, our endeavour is to unveil diverse and novel stories. While our first release was a witty con caper, our second show is a thrilling and unfiltered look at the darker side of the internet that many Indians don’t know of. Video Cam Scam will keep you hooked till the end, while also sharing an important message”.

Talking about the project, Amruta Khanvilkar said, “Video Cam Scam is a thrilling and entertaining drama with a pertinent message. The story seamlessly blends thrills and suspense with a real and relevant subject. What drew me towards my character was how she switches from devoted wife to a headstrong warrior at her own will”.

Sharing his thoughts on the series, Rajneish Duggall said, “The first time I read the script of this show, I was quite taken aback by how deep and dark the world of sextortion runs in India. When I read the way Vinay has to battle all odds to get justice, I knew this was a role that I couldn’t say no to”.

‘Video Cam Scam’ marks EPIC ON’s second coveted release post the success of ‘Tatlubaaz’. After starting with an entertaining bang, EPIC ON looks all set to capture eyeballs again with a scintillating tale of crime, love, sin and justice in the digital world.

‘Video Cam Scam’, a Blue Drop Films production starring Rajneish Duggall and Amruta Khanvilkar, starts streaming on EPIC ON from 12 January 2024.