The 4K-HDR summit of Malaga celebrates its fifth edition with the best of technology and content

The 4K-HDR summit of Malaga celebrates its fifth edition with the best of technology and content

 4K-HDR summit

MUMBAI: The Delegate Councillor for Innovation and Urban Digitalization, Susana Carillo, and the CEO of Medina Media Events, Ricardo Medina, organizer of the 4K-HDR Summit, have presented this morning the program of the fifth edition of the main world summit on the 4K, to be held on November 6, 7 and 8 at the Digital Content Pole in Malaga.

In total there will be 24 keynotes and 4 panels offering reports, proposals and visions on this new technology, which for three days in Malaga brings together the best speakers from other international forums such as NabShow in Las Vegas, IBC Amsterdam and MIPCOM Cannes. There are 16 countries participating in this edition, represented by speakers, sponsors and attendees from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Colombia, India, Korea, Japan, Holland, Canada, Norway, Mexico, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Switzerland and Spain.

Within the framework of this international summit, there will also be the award ceremony for the "Malaga 4K Fest" Short Film Festival, on Friday 8th November at the Albéniz Cinema from 7:00 p.m (free access until full capacity) and the presentation of the UHD Spain Association (a non-profit association of which companies and professionals interested in the development of Ultra High Definition in Spain can take part).


Thierry Fautier, President of the Ultra High Definition World Forum (UHDF) and Michael Zink, Chairman of the UHD Alliance, will participate in a panel session where they will discuss the challenges of both global partnerships. Fautier will share his vision on the 4K and 8K. For Fautier: "The 8K is not at the same level of maturity as the 4K, nor is it yet so deployed internationally. You have to keep advancing in the 8K and watching how it evolves". Michael Zink will talk about the creation of Filmmaker Mode, a solution created by the UHDA that preserves the creative intention of filmmakers from their own homes.

For his part, Richard Moreton, representing the 8K Association (8KA), will talk about the maturation of the 8K ecosystem and its creative value within the current landscape of device manufacturing and Ultra High Definition content production.


Carlos Fontanot, Imagery Manager of NASA's International Space Station (ISS) will again participate in the 4K-HDR Summit to discuss the use of 4K and 8K on board the ISS, the challenges of downloading files ashore, the impact of gamma rays on sensors, the training crew members receive, and working with commercial partners to distribute and widely use NASA material. It will also expose the challenges of replacing existing HD cameras aboard the ISS. The right camera set for Gateway and NASA's 2024 lunar mission, among other issues.

For the first time in Spain, the 8K images recorded from the International Space Station by NASA will be available for viewing. It will be on Samsung's exclusive QLED 8K televisions in the 4K Summit demonstration area. Admission will be open to the public, who can register for free at this link. Attendees will also be able to enjoy the latest 4K, 8K and HDR devices and content.


In the fifth edition of the 4K-HDR Summit, the world's leading analysts in Ultra High Definition, the British multinational IHS Markit, Paul Gray and María Rua, will provide their reports on the audiovisual sector. María Rua will analyse the current situation of the 4K market on the first day and Paul Gray will close the summit with his conclusions on the presentations and panels of the event.
Mohammed Hamza, another of the world's leading analysts at UHD, from the US multinational S&P Global, will also participate in the Malaga Summit, where he will present an exclusive report on 4K and smartphones, which have Ultra High Definition (UHD) cameras and screens, and whose quality is increasingly valued by manufacturers and by younger consumers.

Michel Chabrol, Senior Vice President New TV Formats of Eutelsat (France) will offer an exclusive report on the capacity of satellites to transmit in 4K and 8K.


Prashant Chothani, CEO of TravelXP of India, the world's leading 4K travel channel, will present his best productions at the 4K Summit. Pablo Alemán, Managing Director of the Spanish company Wild Stories, will show unique 4K HDR images of recordings made in the middle of nature, where man has no access. On the other hand, Amos Rozenberg, CEO of the French production company Paramax Films, will talk about retransmissions of Jazz festivals in 4K and 8K. Paramax Films is a production company specialized in the filming and distribution of concerts all over the world. They have over 100 hours of jazz, pop and rock concerts with prestigious artists (Macy Gray, Maroon 5, Sly & Robbie, Justin Bieber, Will I am, Black Eyed Peas, 50 Cents, etc.). Representing Movistar+ will be Nicolás Lecocq, Senior Manager Video Business, who will talk about the second season of one of the most acclaimed Spanish series in recent times: La Peste. The Colombian corporation Caracol TV, together with Eymard Cabrales, will also be speaking about their latest 4K productions for Netflix.

In terms of sports content, Emili Planas, Mediapro's CTO Operations Manager, will talk about the company's two-and-a-half years of experience with top-level UHD-HDR sports productions and the keys to spectacular HDR images.

Peer Seitz, production manager at Infront Productions (HBS) in Switzerland, will talk about HBS's experience at the Rugby World Cup 2019 and present at the 4K-HDR Summit in Malaga the successful 5G connected camera configuration tests that took place at the BMW Berlin Marathon 2019 last September. It is the first time that this configuration is implemented in continental Europe, in a live 5G public network.

Rafael Porras, president of Canal Sur, will also participate in this fifth edition. For the last five years, Canal Sur has expanded its documentary archive with contents from Flamenco, Semana Santa, Carnaval de Cádiz and El Rocío, in others, produced for the first time in 4K. The channel has a 4K DTT pilot channel with Axión and a Hbbtv application from which you can enjoy its 4K contents. 


The proposals of the main Asian technological multinationals from Korea and Japan, world leaders in Ultra High Definition (UHD), will be the main protagonists of this new edition of the 4K-HDR Summit. On the other hand, the Japanese multinational Panasonic will have an important role in the 4K-HDR Summit in Malaga with its sights set on 2020, year in which it will be one of the technological protagonists of the Tokyo Olympic Games, of which it is the sponsor and main supplier with the cameras that will generate the signal that in Ultra High Definition (UHD) will be transmitted all over the world. More than 300 Panasonic engineers have been working for years in the headquarters of the NHK, the Japanese public television in charge of producing the signal that will be offered to everyone through free-to-air channels, pay channels such as Eurosport, platforms such as Twitter or DAZN, etc. The German engineer Stefan Hoffman, responsible for the engineering of the camera systems, will be in charge of presenting Panasonic's great role in the broadcast of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Korean multinational Samsung, the main sponsor of the 4K HDR Summit, will present the world's first 8K HDR+ content. Nacho Monge, TV&AV Marketing Director Iberia Samsung, will be responsible for presenting the amazing features of the 8K HDR10+ on the first day of the 4K-HDR Summit, next November 6, at the National Pole of Digital Content in Malaga.

Peter Sykes, Strategic Technology Development Manager of the Japanese multinational Sony, will be another speaker at the 4K-HDR Summit. In his presentation he will explain the innovations of the last year and the workflows they use in Sony for the creation and delivery of Ultra HD images with High Dynamic Range (HDR).

Carlos Castán, Industrial Products Manager Broadcast and Cinema Dept. of Canon; and Salvador Luna, Manager Photo Imaging & Optical Devices of Fujinon (both Japanese multinationals), will share the success stories of both companies. Canon will talk about the live broadcast in 4K HDR of the relief guard at the Royal Palace in Madrid. For its part, Fujinon will highlight the collaboration with Dorna, which has allowed them to evolve technically since 1985 in the subject of on board cameras.