HeadFlicker, RusherwOw, and PitajiPlayz join forces to boost S8UL's GTA RP roster

HeadFlicker, RusherwOw, and PitajiPlayz join forces to boost S8UL's GTA RP roster

The GTA series has been a game-changer for the Indian gaming landscape.


Mumbai: Leading esports and gaming organisation, S8UL announced the onboarding of top three gaming creators, Sunny Jha, Adil Maniar, and Arpit Wadhawan to spearhead the GTA RP (Grand Theft Auto Role-Play) roster. This strategic move will not only strengthen S8UL's hold in promoting GTA RP; prioritising role-play, collaboration, and narrative-driven interactions among players and also revolutionising the multiplayer experience of "Grand Theft Auto V" and fostering the growth of the Grand Theft Auto role-play community in India.

Sunny Jha, also known as pitajiplayz, is a resilient figure in the streaming scene, who despite losing his original channel to hackers, bounced back stronger with a 15,000-strong subscriber base within just seven months and currently sitting at 60 thousand plus subscribers on his channel. His unique approach to GTA RP, combining humour with engaging gameplay, has made him a beloved figure in the community.

While, Adil Maniar, known online as rusherwow, started his career in esports with competitive games like CSGO and Fortnite before making a name for himself in GTA RP. With over 19 million views amassed over 1513 videos on his YouTube channel, Adil’s dedication to showcasing his competitive edge has captivated a steady following.

Arpit Wadhawan, operating under the gamertag headflicker, blends his analytical skills as a national chess player with creative roleplay storytelling. His engaging character narratives in GTA RP have propelled his channel to a rapid growth, resulting in over 50,000 dedicated followers on his YouTube.

S8UL co-founder Lokesh Jain aka 8Bit Goldy, commented on this integration, stating, “The addition of Sunny, Adil, and Arpit to S8UL is more than a natural extension of our already robust GTA roster. It’s a testament to S8UL’s commitment to nurturing and promoting top-tier talent within India’s gaming landscape. Their dedication to delivering an excitement packed live stream experience align perfectly with our vision to expand and enrich the GTA RP community with meaningful narrative and quality storytelling.”

Since its launch in 2013, GTA V has sold over 190 million units worldwide as of November 2023, making it the second best-selling video game of all time. In December 2023, its user engagement reached 30.8 million monthly active users across PCs and consoles, following the release of its highly anticipated sequel.

The GTA series has been a game-changer for the Indian gaming landscape and it has helped build the careers of streamers within the country. SoulCity RP, S8UL’s dedicated GTA V RP server, has been instrumental in fostering this vibrant community and bringing a more interactive experience to engage with the streamers.

Arpit Wadhawan aka headflicker expressed his happiness on being part of S8UL’s dynamic roster said, "For a 21-year-old national chess player from Ferozpur, Punjab and having four years of role-play experience, joining S8UL feels like the perfect next move in my gaming career. Stepping into the vibrant world of GTA RP has opened up a new avenue for me, offering a platform where I can elevate the gaming experience for fans. With S8UL, I'm excited to bring my thoughtful approach to an even larger stage, where we can push the boundaries of what's possible in role-play games together."

The integration of Sunny, Adil, and Arpit into S8UL’s roster is expected to further enhance the server's popularity and attract a wider audience, thereby reinforcing S8UL’s role as a pioneer in the gaming industry in the country.