“Smaaash has played a pivotal role in popularising VR entertainment in India” : Avanish Agarwal

“Smaaash has played a pivotal role in popularising VR entertainment in India” : Avanish Agarwal

Smaaash innovates with VR, AR, and interactive tech, elevating classic gaming.

Avanish Agarwal

Mumbai: SMAAASH, where sports, virtual reality, music, and dining converge to create an immersive social experience unlike any other. Established in 2012 by the visionary Shripal Morakhia, SMAAASH has become synonymous with cutting-edge gaming and entertainment in India.

From state-of-the-art sports simulation technology to thrilling virtual reality experiences like Walk the Plank and Finger Coaster, SMAAASH captivates guests of all ages with its innovative attractions.

With 32 centers spanning 16 cities, including its acclaimed launch at the Mall of America, SMAAASH is a powerhouse of entertainment both at home and abroad. Whether you're a family, a group of friends, or a child at heart, SMAAASH invites you to indulge in a plethora of activities that promise excitement and fun for everyone.

Indiantelevision caught up with  SMAAASH CMO Avanish Agarwal  to talk about the core concepts behind SMAAASH, its unique offerings, its contribution to the growth of virtual reality entertainment in India

On SMAASH launching, is it a pure Indian thought process or an International concept

Smaaash was launched in 2012, blending Indian creativity with international standards, making it a unique fusion of both. Our core concept revolves around combining sports, entertainment, and innovative technology to create memorable experiences. We are the pioneers in twilight bowling, there are other places at the time that offered just simple bowling and we took it to the next level.

On the core concept behind SMAAASH, and On the differentiating itself from other entertainment centres

Smaaash stands out by offering a mix of virtual reality, augmented reality, and interactive technology, enhancing traditional gaming experiences. This differentiation provides customers with immersive and engaging entertainment options not found elsewhere. Also, all the VR games that we have are developed in-house from concept to execution.

On SMAAASH utilising virtual reality technology to create immersive gaming experiences, specific examples of popular VR games offered

We leverage virtual reality extensively to offer cutting-edge gaming experiences. Popular VR games like 'Finger Coaster' and 'Vertigo' exemplify how we immerse players in thrilling virtual environments, enhancing their gaming encounters.

On SMAAASH contributed to the growth and popularity of virtual reality entertainment in India

Smaaash has played a pivotal role in popularising virtual reality entertainment in India by introducing innovative VR attractions and consistently upgrading our offerings to match global standards

On SMAAASH balance offering high-quality, cutting-edge entertainment with keeping prices reasonable for its customers

We strive to strike a balance between offering high-quality entertainment and maintaining affordable prices for our customers, ensuring accessibility without compromising on the experience.

On the significance of SMAAASH's in-house research and production capabilities in the development of their games and experiences

Our in-house research and production capabilities allow us to constantly innovate and develop unique games and experiences tailored to the preferences of our diverse customer base.

On SMAAASH caters to different age groups and interests within its diverse range of offerings

Smaaash caters to various age groups and interests through a wide range of offerings, including arcade games, sports simulations, VR experiences, and family-friendly attractions.

On the standout features and attractions at SMAAASH, particularly those related to sports simulation technology

Our sports simulation technology, including cricket, football, and racing simulators, provides an authentic and thrilling experience for sports enthusiasts, enhancing their visit to Smaaash.

On the efforts that SMAAASH has made to ensure safety and comfort for visitors while using advanced gaming technologies like virtual reality

We prioritize the safety and comfort of our visitors by implementing stringent safety protocols and guidelines, particularly concerning the usage of advanced gaming technologies like virtual reality

On SMAAASH incorporating elements of music and dining into the overall experience and sets its approach apart from traditional entertainment venues

Smaaash integrates elements of music and dining into the overall experience by offering themed restaurants, live music events, and interactive dining options, creating a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere

On the future planning or expansions in the works for SMAAASH that visitors can look forward to

We are continuously exploring opportunities for expansion and innovation, with plans to introduce new attractions, enhance existing offerings, and expand our presence to new locations both domestically and internationally.

On feedback or testimonials that you have received from visitors that underscore the uniqueness and special qualities of SMAAASH

We receive positive feedback and testimonials from visitors highlighting the unique and special qualities of Smaaash, particularly praising our immersive experiences, innovative attractions, and vibrant ambience. We are also a part of people's celebrations and have celebrated more than 10,000 social events since the inception