Red FM & Western Railway collab to celebrate the Mumbai Local

Red FM & Western Railway collab to celebrate the Mumbai Local

Red FM’s RJ Malishka features in the music video titled "Lay Bhaari".


Mumbai: India’s leading private radio and entertainment network, Red FM proudly joins hands with Western Railway to create a music video with Mumbai ki Rani, RJ Malishka, aimed at deepening the connection between Mumbaikars and the Western Railway. The music video titled "Lay Bhaari" embodies the spirit of Mumbai and the ever-dependent relationship it shares with the Mumbai Local, the Western Railway.

Known for its innovative approach towards social responsibility, Red FM has once again demonstrated its commitment to community engagement through the creation of the song "Lay Bhaari". The video features RJ Malishka, Mumbai ki Rani, capturing real-life people and situations across five plus stations of Western Railway, including prominent locations like the Western Railway Hertiage Gallery at Churchgate, EMU Carshed at Mumbai Central ,Yard, and Train Management system at Mumbai Central. The video is a celebration of the intricate bond between Mumbaikars and Western Railway, emphasizing on the shared joys, sorrows, and stories that travel on the tracks.

Commenting on the collaboration, Western Railway chief public relations officer Sumit Thakur said, “The “Lay Bhaari” song sung by RJ Malishka appeals in her ‘bindaas’ Mumbai lingo to follow rules and regulations for a happy and safe train journey. The song gives several social messages like, security at stations, special provisions for ladies and Divyangjan passengers, Not Boarding/Alighting a moving train, Not traveling on the footboard of the train, etc.

Speaking on the collaboration, Red FM & Magic FM COO & director Nisha Narayanan said, "Our association with Western Railway goes beyond a conventional collaboration. 'Lay Bhaari' is not just a song; it's a celebration of the symbiotic relationship between the people of Mumbai and the Western Railway. As a brand that is committed to social responsibility and has consistently pursued innovative ways to connect with our audience, 'Lay Bhaari' is a testament to our ability to weave impactful narratives. Malishka, with her unparalleled energy captures the essence of Mumbai. The sounds of Mumbai, including railway announcements, are intricately woven into the melody, creating an immersive experience that resonates with the spirit of the city.

The song serves a dual purpose of reminding Mumbaikars to follow rules and fulfill their responsibilities towards Western Railway while highlighting the safety for women and promoting responsible behavior. It also subtly showcases Operation Amanat, an initiative by the Railway Protection Force to make it easier for passengers to retrieve lost luggage.