Radio City Celebrates '100 Saal Radiopanti Ke' on World Radio Day

Radio City Celebrates '100 Saal Radiopanti Ke' on World Radio Day

CEO Ashit Kukian's vision for Radio City, serving 69 million listeners weekly.

Radio City

Mumbai: On World Radio Day, 13 Feb, Radio City, India's pioneering private radio station, commemorates '100 saal radiopanti ke!' with its radigitalisation approach. The radio station leverages digital platforms to expand its reach beyond the 39 cities where it currently operates in and has taken a well-balanced approach to build the brand’s character by offering unique and pathbreaking content for all its audience across multiple genres.

Since Radio City’s inception 23 years ago, the radio station has constantly evolved recognizing the significance of innovating relevant strategies to stay ahead of the game. “Rag Rag Mein Daude City” is its core philosophy and its jingle, #CitykiNayiVibe has a groovy and irresistible vibe to it.

Approximately 88 per cent of millennials and Gen Xers listen to the radio because of its local flavor, making it an engaging and trustworthy medium. Approximately 61% of radio listeners report that radio can improve their mood and give them a sense of companionship. To resonate with its listeners while staying relevant and informative, Radio City offers a vast array of well-designed programs that cater to differ age groups, multiple moods, and various aspects of an individual’s daily needs.

Apart from being a go-to source for good music, the network also provides content on humour through Babber Sher & Joke Studio and has a very popular show Love Guru who is a friend you always needed and also a personal therapist.  It also takes its listeners on a tantalizing culinary journey with the Taste Series & Food Cast and the spiritual shows provide solace to its audience. With its AI-driven RJ Sia, Radio City has pioneered innovation to stay relevant amount its GenX listeners. The feature - Blockbuster Sunday entertains and engages its listeners with movie reviews and celebrity interviews. The discussions on tech and automobiles are most sought-after properties of Radio City for receiving timely updates on what’s trending in these sectors. It also features informative podcast such as Kadak Currency to educate its listeners regarding the finances, markets, and economy. Listeners can also indulge in and discover soulful music from budding artists on Indie.

Radio City CEO Ashit Kukian emphasises, “As we commemorate '100 saal radiopanti ke!' on World Radio Day, our station stands proud, embodying the enduring spirit of radio. Our journey reflects not only our unshakeable dedication to the essence of radio as a medium—ever-evolving yet deeply rooted in tradition—but also our profound sense of responsibility as a brand. Our radigitalization approach signifies how we are evolving with the digital age, but our core values remain unchanged. We strive to adapt to changing audience preferences through interactive segments, pertinent discussions, and engaging hosts across on-air, digital, and on-ground platforms, reaching 93 million. Our commitment lies in balancing entertainment with a sense of responsibility as a brand."

Celebrating '100 saal radiopanti ke!', Radio City reaffirms its commitment in enriching the lives of its listeners in this digital age while honoring radio's timeless legacy. The station remains a steadfast companion, providing comfort, connection, and critical information to listeners across generations.