Hathway Cable reports gross revenues of Rs 455 cr for Q3 FY22

Hathway Cable reports gross revenues of Rs 455 cr for Q3 FY22

The company reported CATV revenue of Rs 300.1 crore & broadband revenue of Rs 154.9 crore.

Hathway Cable

Mumbai: Hathway Cable and Datacom Ltd posted its third-quarter financial results for FY 2022. The company reported its gross revenue at Rs 455 crore an improvement of three per cent year-on-year.

The company saw broadband revenue of Rs 154.9 crore and cable TV (CATV) revenue of Rs 300.1 crore. It posted EBITDA of Rs 122.7 crore and EBITDA margin at 27 per cent.

CATV business

In the last two years, the company has created an extensive incremental infrastructure for market share gain with focus on Southern and Eastern states. “We have connected over 250 new locations with IP links and added 3,000 KMs of fiber network,” it said in a statement.

The company has piloted a new generation of HD set-top boxes that allow the casting of OTT apps. Hathway Cable TV customers can now access OTT content without any need to buy an additional box. It also piloted a TV plug using which it can provide reliable last mile cable TV connectivity from a mobile tower network. The company has a presence in more than 109 cities and major towns with 5.5 million STBs deployed and 46,000 kms of the fiber cable network.

ISP business

The company saw strong FTTH customers acquisition during Q3 FY 22 with net additions of 24,000 FTTH customers. FTTH consumers now account for up to 65 per cent of overall ISP consumers and 70 per cent of ISP revenue.

The company has 1.08 million broadband subscribers and sees an average consumption of 223 Gb. It has completed next-generation Docsis upgradation in all cities resulting in 70 per cent decline in Docsis speed complaints and 64 per cent of Docsis consumers have been upgraded to 100 mbps speed plans. The company has 76 per cent redundancy in FTTH PON ports up to the splitter level achieved as of December 2021. It saw an average of a single complaint per year per consumer regarding any FTTH service issue. FTTH capacity has been augmented to accommodate 1.2 lakh consumers.