Hathway partners with Haptik to elevate customer experience & scales support

Hathway partners with Haptik to elevate customer experience & scales support

Launched virtual assistant 'Diva' to provide better customer support for subscribers.


Mumbai: Hathway has partnered with Jio Haptik Technologies to leverage its conversational AI technology to improve customer retention.

The cable TV and broadband service provider has successfully launched 'Diva' - an intelligent virtual assistant, to give customer support to Hathway’s 11 million subscribers.

The advent of Covid-19 accelerated the move to work from home subsequently causing a shift in customer expectations. More customers started raising queries, complaints and requests on Hathway’s digital platforms including its app, self-care and website. 'Diva' helped drive faster customers responses and substantially elevated customer service, said the statement.

'Diva' has successfully handled 2.7 million conversations so far and has improved first response time (FRT) and issue identification by 98.3 per cent. It has also improved first-time resolution for technical and billing issues collectively by 95 per cent, it added.

“Haptik is a key partner for Hathway because they are driving real innovation in conversational AI,” said Hathway Cable and Datacom chief customer service officer Anil Jhamb. “Their AI platform is transforming the way we think about fostering meaningful digital interactions and customer engagement. With Haptik we were able to bring speed and efficiency to our customers, improve customer communication and deliver the state-of-the-art digital experiences that achieve impactful results.”

“The past year saw brands across all industries leaning more heavily on AI, automation, and self-service to manage high volumes of customer support queries coming in,” said Haptik VP and GM, India and MEA Pratyush Kukreja. “Messaging also has evolved as the preferred way for customers to interact with brands because it is quick, convenient and feels more personalized. Working with Hathway gives us the opportunity to power millions of users with AI-driven connected experiences. Seeing Hathway’s success further fuels our goal to drive the world’s transition to AI-powered conversations.”