Kevin Pietersen Talks about the IPL's Final Week

Kevin Pietersen Talks about the IPL's Final Week


This season of the Indian Premier League witnessed some high voltage clashes as debutantes Gujarat Titans and Lucknow Super Giants began to entertain us.

Gujrat Titans bagged the most wins so far compared to others. The team won 10 out of 14 matches and has successfully lived up to the hopes of its fans.

On it, the Former England Captain – Kevin Pieterson – also mentions that the Hardik Pandya led team will be tough-to-beat in this IPL playoffs.

It’s worth noting that Gujrat Titans' continuing wins have become a matter of concern for opponent teams.

And that makes Kevin Pieterson stay more confident about Gujarat Titans.

“Gujrat Titans are Difficult to Stop”

The legendary England Batman adds more words to appreciate the continuing success of the Gujrat Titans. The team equips a winning attitude, making them so good at getting things done pretty well on the ground.

Beyond a doubt, it is going to be tough to break Gujrat Titans – he added. Kevin Pietersen even compares their performance with Shane Warne’s Rajasthan Royals, who have won the 2008 IPL championship.

Keving thinks the Gujarat players also adopted a winning attitude for the game and won the trophy with a wonderful mentality in the end. A similar reflection can be viewed in Gujrat Titans this time.

Few Other Good Names Covered in the Winning list of Kevin Pietersen

Apart from Gujrat Titans, Kevin Pietersen firmly believed in Royal Challengers Bangalore in its match  against Lucknow Super Giants.

Delhi Capitals were few other big names in the Kevin List but unfortunately they failed to qualify in the next stage of the league after losing by five wickets against Mumbai Indians.

Neither Delhi Capitals nor Mumbai Indians were lucky enough to play in the playoffs.

However, Rajasthan Royals have showcased some of the best moves this time and will get a second chance of making it to the final.

Kevin Pietersen mentions that despite the fact that Chennai Super Kings is also a tough competition, their winning chances were already less this season. They might have won 4 trophies so far, but their transition didn’t have that magic this time and went out in IPL Season 2022.

Wrapping up

The four teams Gujarat Titans, Rajasthan Royals, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Lucknow Super Giants have successfully made it to the playoff.

But in the end, Titans made direct entry to the finale to compete with Royals who have been riding their luck through the group stage so far. But as Hardik Pandya led Gujrat Titans are favorites to lift the trophy this season.