"Time to discuss IP ownership": Contiloe Pictures’ Abhimanyu Singh

"Time to discuss IP ownership": Contiloe Pictures’ Abhimanyu Singh

Creators can then make best use of their assets.

Abhimanyu Singh

MUMBAI: Television producers, after a long hiatus, have started shooting with limited cast and crew members. However, taking care of the team and the implementation of other SOP measures has escalated production cost.

Contiloe Pictures founder and CEO Abhimanyu Singh says that most companies are at a vulnerable stage. Production has come to a standstill where revenue is zero with underlying assets to depend on.

Singh believes that the IP-based system needs to start so that creators can benefit from reusing, reworking and reutilising their assets. He adds that the entire ecosystem needs to prepare itself to be able to create world-class content.

He further explains that apart from owning studios, having a stronger production fraternity is good for the creation environment. “Smaller units will always have a problem and the system will remain fractured in the way it functions. If you have a strong infrastructure and strong production companies it will be always helpful to fight any natural disaster.”
Singh is currently shooting with his team in Amgaon and Naigaon where he has arranged a living accommodation for his cast and crew members. The entire arrangement was done within 20 days since the lockdown was imposed. The team at Contiloe Pictures worked overtime to make this transition happen. Nearly 75 people are staying within the studio in Amgaon. Everything from their living cost to food is taken care of by the studio. In the same manner, close to 30 people are staying at the other set in Naigaon.

Contiloe Pictures has hired an external agency called Momentum India that looks after all the sanitisation, fumigation and other safety measures.

Singh highlights that shooting is running smoothly with not limited challenges. He shares, “We had over 100 animation people and VFX supervisors because most of our shows require visual effects. Now there are fewer people in one slot. We have two floors where people were working in different shifts which have reduced now. Most of the post-production work is happening remotely.”

The studio has introduced Adaptra lines, where data transfer happens at a higher speed. He also highlights that even if the cost goes up it is safe for the environment as people are working from home. This will help to stop the mitigation of viruses on the set. Singh says that these added costs will have to be taken for the time being since there isn’t any other option. 

Singh has introduced very limited changes in the scripts. Storytelling has changed to a certain extent, but the plotline remains the same. A lot of crowd scenes, darbaar sequences are done through CGI (Computer-generated imagery).

Singh credits the entire industry for coming together in this time of crisis.  He shares, “Most of the industry is shooting for over 40 days now and people are being responsible for their working environment and their units.”

Contiloe's currently running shows on television include Tenali Rama and Vighnaharta Ganesh. It has also previously created shows like Veer Shivaji, Jhansi ki Rani, Mahabali Hanuman, Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, Maharana Pratap, Ssshhhh…Koi Hai amongst others.