Coke Studio Bharat's Khalasi creates history with 4.5 billion views

Coke Studio Bharat's Khalasi creates history with 4.5 billion views

A musical phenomenon from the heartland of India bridging cultures and breaking records.


Mumbai: Coke Studio with its phenomenal success as a music platform with different genres of music continues to celebrate talented & emerging artists with the launch of Coke Studio Bharat & Coke Studio Tamil in India, early this year. Coke Studio Bharat announces a significant milestone as Khalasi has been stealing the spotlight by surpassing an incredible 4.5 billion views.

As the festive season unfolds, Khalasi has not only resonated with fans worldwide but has also become a heartwarming anthem, positioning itself as a strong contender for the title of Song of the Year. While not a Garbo song, Khalasi has seamlessly woven itself into the celebration of Navratri and other festivities, offering a harmonious backdrop that adds depth to the joy of the season. Its catchy tunes and meaningful lyrics have made it a staple in celebrations, reflecting the love and pride of the fans. Not only are people enjoying the song, but over 250+ creators and brands created multiple renditions and dance performance videos have flooded social media platforms. The Norwegian dance group Quick Style, known for their viral dance videos, also impressed fans with their fantastic performance to Khalasi.

Khalasi is likely to be the first Gujarati song to cross over global charts as the song is currently trending on India’s leading audio streaming and search apps. As Khalasi reigns at #1 on the Shazam Top 200, it has also achieved:

  1.    A global presence with a peak at #8 on Global Viral Songs, #3 on Daily Viral Songs India, and #10 on Daily        Top Songs India on Spotify
  2.    Over 1.6 million User-Generated Content (UGC) creations across popular social media platforms.
  3.    A remarkable milestone of crossing 3 billion views across platforms like IG, Facebook, YouTube shorts,              YouTube, and MOJ etc.
  4.    An impressive 22 million+ streams across audio platforms.

Release in July 2023, this enchanting composition seamlessly blends tradition with innovation, celebrating the rich cultural tapestry of Gujarat. Khalasi tells the tale of the limitless sailor who has set out to explore through the shores of Gujarat. The song speaks of his tenuous, adventurous voyage, his delightful experiences, and his enthusiasm with which he takes on life while he is sailing away. The song's heartfelt lyrics and moving melodies have brought people from different languages together, making it a song that resonates with authenticity and cultural pride.

Penned by acclaimed writer Saumya Joshi, the song has achieved remarkable milestones, resoundingly heard as "Gotilo, Godilo," making its mark even beyond the Gujarati-speaking audience. Headlining the song is iconic music composer Achint Thakkar, joined by famous playback singer from Gujarat, Aditya Gadhvi, whose melodious voice, and iconic Gujarati rap have the country enthralled.

The Indian music scene is undergoing a profound transformation, guided by the discerning Gen Z. This generation seeks authentic stories and musical experiences that mirror their lives. Khalasi beautifully captures this zeitgeist, with emerging artists from India's heartlands and seasoned maestros creating a unique fusion that resonates with this dynamic generation.

Reflecting on his experience with Khalasi, playback singer Aditya Gadhvi shared, "Khalasi is a musical journey close to my heart, and I'm thrilled to see it resonate with people on such a grand scale. Music is a universal language that transcends boundaries, and the success of Khalasi is a testament to the power of authenticity and the rich cultural heritage of Gujarat.”

Achint, the mastermind behind 'Khalasi,' shared his thoughts on the song, stating, “Khalasi's success is a blend of tradition and innovation. We wanted to pay homage to Gujarat's cultural roots while infusing a contemporary sound. It's incredibly heartwarming to see how people have embraced this fusion of music and celebrated the culture of our land.”

Universal Music Group chairman CEO of India South Asia and SVP startegy Africa, Middle East & Asia Devraj Sanyal said, “At UMG we exist to shape culture through the power of artistry. There's no better example of this than what we see with Khalasi from Coke Studio Bharat S01. This song, despite being in a regional language, has become one of the most viral songs of 2023, and it's not just a cultural moment but a moment that's shaping culture, not only in India but also across the diaspora worldwide, and even among mainstream audiences who love its vibe, even if they don't comprehend the song's lyrics.”

Coca-Cola India and Southwest Asia VP marketing Arnab Roy emphasized the brand's commitment to promoting Indian music and culture, stating, “It's heartening to see artists, creators and fans coming together on Khalasi, to create their own renditions and videos, turning the song into a success with 4.5 billion views. It exemplifies the vision of Coke Studio Bharat, taking regional talent and music forms in the country to a global landscape, with authenticity."

Coca-Cola has partnered with Universal Music India (UMI) as executive producers for the launch of Coke Studio Bharat. Every track from Coke Studio Bharat appeals to the mindset of the younger generation, on the one hand helping them connect with their roots, and on the other hand coupling it with sounds, notes, and musical genres that are familiar to them. Coke Studio Bharat has been curated by award-winning musician and sought-after songwriter, Ankur Tewari. Ankur has collaborated with critically acclaimed poet, lyricist and scriptwriter Kausar Munir along with National award-winning sound engineer and music producer KJ Singh. Together they have handpicked regional artists to give their sound a new voice and independent freedom of expression.

Coke Studio fans can now embark on an extraordinary musical journey by experiencing the future of music and engaging directly with the brand. By simply scanning a Coca-Cola bottle with a QR code, fans will be transported to a mesmerizing AR music studio, enveloped by a constellation of talented artists. Within this immersive realm, fans can unleash their inner performers, belting out their favorite tunes through exhilarating karaoke sessions, seizing the opportunity to audition for the upcoming Coke Studio season.

You are invited to tune into Coke Studio Bharat, available across all audio OTT platforms including Spotify, Gaana, Saavn, Wynk Music, and Audible worldwide, with distribution managed by UMI.