Cartoon Network to telecast 'Dragon Ball Super' in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu

Cartoon Network to telecast 'Dragon Ball Super' in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu

The show will be aired from 22 May 2022 on the channel.

Dragon Ball Super

Mumbai: Cartoon Network has announced Dragon Ball Super for the first time in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. The channel is bringing the action-packed adventures of Goku and his friends with a day-long Dragon Ball Super Sunday stunt with back-to-back episodes on 22 May from 9 am. It will air every weekday at 10.30 am and 7:30 pm and weekends at 5.30 pm.

The launch of Dragon Ball Super is a part of the channel’s re-energised brand promise and tagline Redraw Your World through which it aims to cater to the complete spectrum of kids and families including pre-schoolers, and family co-viewing, with over two hundred hours of diverse content throughout the year.

The channel also planned various digital activities for its fans including a fan-art contest, a watch & win competition for the Dragon Ball Super Sunday stunt, a dance challenge based on the popular hook step of Dragon Ball Super and collaborations with influencers.

Popular voiceover artists are lending their voices for main characters in the show in Hindi. Ankur Javeri for Goku, Neshma Chemburkar for Chichi, Rajshree Sharma for Bulma, Mayur Vyas for Krillin, Rajesh Kava for Beerus and Prasad Barve for Vegeta.

Fans are in for a special treat as the follow-up of the blockbuster classic anime follows the tranquil lives of Goku and his friends after vanquishing the evil Majin Buu. However, they are disrupted when Beerus, the God of Destruction, challenges Goku who requires his friends’ assistance to become the venerable Super Saiyan God. Dragon Ball Super reconnects fans with these beloved characters through unimaginable and adventure-filled storylines that unveil twelve universes and gods.

Talking about the show launch, Cartoon Network and POGO South Asia network head Abhishek Dutta said, “Cartoon Network has always had its finger on the pulse of what its fans want. The anime genre and in particular, the Dragon Ball franchise is always right up there on the wishlist, and we’re really pleased to present the series in new regional languages.”

“We are sure this extraordinary title will make a great addition to our top-rated ‘Redraw Your Summer’ content line-up and will be enjoyed by kids and families," he added.