Greenpanel introduces a one-of-its-kind Greenpanel Mitr app

Greenpanel introduces a one-of-its-kind Greenpanel Mitr app

The app recognises carpenters and contractors' dedication and valuable association with the brand.

Greenpanel Mitr app

Mumbai: Greenpanel, a wood panel manufacturer, has announced the launch of its upcoming one-of-its-kind application, Greenpanel Mitr. It is a part of the brand’s loyalty program for contractors and carpenters, and the first launch event happened in Delhi on 7 March’24, which saw more than 200 carpenters in attendance. Available on Google Play Store and iOS app store and, the Greenpanel Mitr app is a strategic move by the brand to recognise the carpenter and contractor communities for their concerted efforts and unwavering commitment to work.

The new age application helps the brand to engage and interact better with their strong network of influencers (carpenters and contractors) and turn them into brand loyalists. Additionally, the application will contribute to increasing Greenpanel’s awareness in the carpenter and contractor ecosystem and persuade them to become its trusted partners.

After downloading the Greenpanel Mitr app, carpenters and contractors will have to sign up and register themselves on the app. After undergoing the verification process, they would be able to scan QR code from the Greenpanel board that they have bought. After this, they will receive allocated points in their wallets, which can be redeemed for direct cashback in their bank accounts or for a host of rewards like mobile phone, TV, bike, scooty etc.

MDF Business president Sunil Singh said, “We value the carpenter and contractor fraternity for their unwavering support and trust in us. The Greenpanel Mitr app is dedicated to them for their commitment to their work and being a significant part of Greenpanel’s growth journey. “

Plywood Business senior VP Shital Gupta said, “Greenpanel Mitr is dedicated to our unsung heroes - carpenters and contractors. Their contributions often go unnoticed and unrewarded. With the app, they will not only be recognized for their contribution but will also provide our brand a platform to stay connected with our valuable partners “

Greenpanel VP & head marketing Arvind Joshi said, “Greenpanel Mitr is a testament to our commitment to innovation. It stands strong as a symbol of our dedication to supporting the carpenter and contractor communities, and will also act as a medium for us to reach out to them with updates around our upcoming campaigns, schemes, product launches etc.“

Accessible to carpenters and contactors across India, the app will be available in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. Greenpanel Mitr will cater to the MDF, prelaminated MDF, and plywood categories. Greenpanel has also set up a dedicated toll-free number: 1800-202-9408 for the contractor and carpenters to address their queries, which is operational six days a week from 9 am – 6 pm (closed on Wednesday).

To promote the app launch, the brand has conceptualized a comprehensive marketing campaign, including launch events across India to ensure widespread awareness and adoption of the Greenpanel Mitr app.

The app will also be promoted through digital campaigns, WhatsApp and email marketing as well as on-ground presence at dealer counters through POSM.