Lessons of adaptability: Embracing failure to touch success

Lessons of adaptability: Embracing failure to touch success

This year's Goafest ignited the creative spark and empowered people.


Mumbai: This year, Goafest has adapted to new horizons, bringing the 17th edition of the festival to the vibrant city of Mumbai.

As they celebrated numerous ground-breaking ideas, they rose a toast to adaptability - the key to success in their ever-changing world. From diverse view-points to cutting-edge strategies, set amidst the serene backdrop of Powai Lake, this year's Goafest ignited the creative spark and empowered people to navigate the exciting unknown.

Disney+ Hotstar presented a session, titled Lessons of Adaptability: Embracing Failure to Touch Success, featuring Indian actress Medha Shankr, and actor Vikrant Massey, moderated by the multifaceted Actor, Producer & Entrepreneur, Neha Dhupia. Medha and Vikrant, the cast of the acclaimed film 12th Fail, illuminated the audience with their insights on embracing failure as a stepping stone towards triumph.

Reflecting on his 21 years in the industry, Vikrant delved into the essence of adaptability, citing his varied experiences from television to movies and the invaluable lesson that success cannot exist without acknowledging failure. He said, “Success cannot be defined as a standard without failure. Out of  365 days in a year, in 300 you're off the mark, and only 65 are successes.” He shared anecdotes from his latest project, ‘12th Fail,’ finding resonance in the film's themes of familial responsibility and the values instilled by Manoj Kumar's vision. Meanwhile, Medha, having relocated to Mumbai several years ago, echoed Vikrant's sentiment on embracing failure as a catalyst for growth.

Despite uncertainties about the film's reception, both actors were committed to authenticity, prioritising storytelling over commercial success. They expressed openness to future collaborations, guided by a shared dedication to staying true to the director's vision and exploring diverse storytelling opportunities.

Through engaging anecdotes and candid reflections, they demonstrated how resilience and adaptability are vital ingredients on the path to success.