End your food hunt with inherited recipes from Sitara Foods that tickle your taste buds !

Now that taking care of your health is in the news but with the birth of new foods or beverage products in the market – if you wish to pen an ode to your epic childhood memories of eatables then you will never say ‘NO’ to Sitara’s authentic and rarest food varieties ever!  It’s the apt online shopping store you would crown to find all what that you want and finish a whole day’s meal challenge with utmost satisfaction!  It’s because we at SITARA FOODS have it all in our catalogue prepared in a natural way - from the magical biryani base vegetarian and non-vegetarian pickles till sweets, snacks, podis, powders, masalas, vadiyalus, fryums, cold pressed oils, millet flours, ragi malt and many more healthy jambavans & Various Famous Traditional Andhra Foods waiting to be added in the queue keeping in mind your gut health always!

If you believe in food, culture and society being connected, then apart from nutrition there is something more to what’s in your plates!  Are you a person who is nostalgic about childhood memories of eating your favorite food and remember how eagerly anticipated ending each holiday meal would be with your grandmother’s sensational cooking?  Then, you can easily re-establish those connections with your family and your nation while living abroad with Sitara’s pickles, sweets and snacks.

Your sincerest love for homely food that pleases you is now available a click away.  You’re sure to be elated by the taste of these trustable products which is suitable for pregnant woman consumption too.  Their midnight run for pickles, nausea, vomitting or morning sickness cannot have a better cure compared to these vinegar free pickles from Sitara Foods made with a native touch to it.  The novelty of food choices suiting the peculiar needs of all age groups is unbeatable with Sitara products!  If you are into the affinity for taking pictures of food that you eat and post them online with an esthetic sense,  then you must get ready with the best of captions to add and share Sitara Foods products.  Follow your heart and find infinitely delicious varieties that surprises you from the olden days kitchen to your palate now!

The popularity of biryani has augmented  to such an extent that it is the mostly ordered food on delivery apps.  The very sight of the white rice coupled with meat is a miraculous dish that comes in different types & brands which touches your heart with a magical wand, but the process of preparing it is lenghty and you cannot get them at all times of a day through online orders.   This is where our instant, ready-made biryani mixes in the form of non vegetarian pickles from Sitara foods is sure to be your saviour in no time.  When you are a person who likes shortcuts in cooking plus a biryani lover, then quickly pick up your spoon to mix our non veg pickles with hot steamed rice – Yahuuh!  Yummy, delicious biryani is ready to touch your heart in a jiffy.  

Apart from this we have a smorgasbord of nourished, nurtured and hand-curated traditional sweets, snacks and beverages in our online store to romanticize you.  The true reason why you would definitely fall in love with our food items is that they are cooked carefully under the eyes of those walking miracles – ‘Mothers’ and we are sure to grab your mom’s place in your soul.  A Food lover who prefers instant, ready-made, yet health and home-made food can pick Sitara as their mother’s place.  This is where you are sure to discover the local flavors with prime quality and prompt delivery experience.  

With a world-wide market, we have the best of user interactive interface where ordering process becomes a cake walk for customers.  Regionally inspired, uniquely crafted, carefully and hygienically packed, ravishing taste food variants we have would tempt you for more.  Be certain to have a one-of-a-kind experience when you experiment with authentic, traditional, preservative free, chemical free foods! It’s because they appetize your tummy and relish your taste buds.  Move on, give in to the calls of indulgence with your food experiments from the home-made food experts of India – Sitara Foods.  With sophisticated technologies in use for our Online Shopping application, transactions happen from over 106 countries and you are ensured with utmost safe and secure payment methods accompanied by immediate shipment and on-time delivery of the products at your doorstep.

Aiding the environment and the local economy the ingredients used in preparing our legendary condiments are sourced from the local farmers within 24 hours of harvest – it’s the sole reason why our taste is awesome and matchless.  We believe that rural women are the key to achieve transformational economic, environmental and social changes and hence employed those elderly mothers and grannies who take care of the small 5 kg batches preparation.  Their extraordinary efforts in the kitchen to give life to the inherited recipes puts an end to your food hunt for healthy, tasty food.  

With the perfect vision to keep our customers gut healthy giving life to innovative, customary and legitimate grandma recipes and a passionate drive towards providing premium, top quality food products to our customers offering elite freight services that you can always count on; our homely stuff would unleash the food in you to call it “Divine”.  Now it’s time to add up to your shopping list the plethora of tasty recipes brought to your table and satiate your palate to be a happy customer who receives delicious products with express delivery to more than 106 countries.  Go Copacetic….. Go Homey….. Go with a perfect combo of delectable home cooked food….Happy Shopping!

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