10 Ways Teens can Earn Money Online

It doesn’t hurt to earn some extra moolah! Does it? As a teenager you probably receive a monthly allowance from your parents, but do you experience the burning desire to earn on your own, be your boss, feel that financial independence? We hear and feel you. Teenagers (most of them) like the fact that earning money at their age gives them a renewed sense of freedom because they get to buy whatever they like. Apart from that ground-breaking analysis (pun intended) studies have proven that teenagers who start working early on, are more aware of financial planning ( we can see you cringe at that word), have a better understanding of how to save a dime or two, and turn into more responsible, driven adults.

If your head is spinning with questions like “so how do I start?”, “What can I do to earn some extra bucks”? “I don’t have any experience in this”, then don’t worry, we are here as a guiding light. 

Make Most of The Technology

With the internet dominating the core of our existence these days, it’s no secret that there are plenty of things you can do to start earning money online. Discussed below are the top 10 ways.

1. Instagram Influencer: A favorite fad among teenagers is to follow an Instagram influencer, but did you know you could earn from becoming one too! All you need to do is to first pick a niche field like gaming, food, fashion, fitness to name a few. Create a business account on Instagram, and start sharing videos and content related to your passionate topic. The key here is to stay consistent with your updates, sharing valuable information so that people can connect with it. As your fan base gradually increase, you can earn by promoting some sponsored posts, brand promotion, or even use affiliation marketing. The options are limitless! Did we get you dreaming? Go ahead get started now.

2. Blogging: As a teenager, blogging is not obsolete to you. The Internet thrives on content, and blogging and vlogging are great ways to encash on it. 

Most of the company-run websites need a blogger and they are willing to pay well for a well-written piece. For a concrete direction, joining Uable - The Teenager Network, this site connects teenagers to the right mentors from the industry so that you get to experience real-world challenges and earn extra money.

3. Become a Youtuber: Youtube is our go-to place for everything, and there are tons of people who are making handsome amounts by creating a youtube channel. We know you sure would have your favorite set of YouTubers yourself. If you are someone who is not camera-shy, then start your channel right away. You can share product reviews, put together some cool hacks, share some subject-related content, dance tutorials, there is so much that you can do here. YouTube will pay you based on the number of clicks, and the traffic that visits your channel.

4. Become an Amazon Associate: You can earn a decent amount through affiliate marketing while blogging. This program is free to join, as an Amazon associate you share links of products on your website or blog, and when people click on the link and purchase the product from Amazon, you get paid a commission! Now isn’t that cool.

5. Become an Entrepreneur: Got a brilliant start-up idea? Then Teenage Careers App – Uable provides you the launch pad by connecting you to the industry experts, funding your project, and extending support to accelerate your plan. 

6. Become an Online Tutor: Have you always visioned yourself as a teacher? Then why don’t you start online tutoring classes? You can teach your favorite subject or even a language online to a bunch of people, and make a decent amount in return.

7: Take Online Surveys: We know what you are thinking, it’s all scam! But that’s not the complete truth, there are legit sites that pay you for taking surveys, all it takes is to install their app, and few minutes of your time. Now, you may not get paid a lot for it, but it’s definitely easy money. 

8: Promote Your Skill Online: There are some sites like Fiverr, that allow you to promote your skill to millions across the globe. You can join as a seller, and create your gigs! It could as simple as editing videos, to even offering to help other students with their project work. 

9: Become a Graphic Designer: If you have a flair for art and are well versed in using software, then becoming a graphic designer can be worthwhile. As a graphic designer, you can render your services to designs websites, brochures, advertisements, marketing material, and so on and get paid. 

10: Submit Reviews: Like to review the latest gadgets? Or a new movie? Or some fashion accessory? If we say you can get paid for doing it? Yes, it’s true, there are several sites online that allow you to review certain products before they are launched in the market to know the real consumer feedback. 

Well, then good luck with try out the above ways, and yes you can thank us later!

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