MIB invites comments on the guidelines of accessibility standards for disability audiences.

MIB invites comments on the guidelines of accessibility standards for disability audiences.

MIB asked for comments from general people on the new mandate of accessibility

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Mumbai: MIB (Ministry of Information and Broadcasting) issued a notification concerning section 29, section 42 of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 2016. MIB asked for comments or feedback from general people on the announcement of a new mandate for content access to persons with disabilities.

Mandate asked the government to take appropriate measures and initiatives for  accessibility for content, films, and universal access for promoting interest and preserving human rights. The government issued guidelines for accessibility standards in the public exhibition of feature films in cinemas for people with hearing and visual impairment.

These guidelines are mandatory for cinema entities and theatres to follow from 10 January 2024. The film which is certified by CBFC ( Central Board of Film Certification) is mandatory to take this measure to promote global accessibility for the content.

The focus of these guidelines is also on information and assistive devices needed by persons with disabilities to enjoy the content. The effective date is applicable from the date of the notification.

The accessibility feature mandate depends on principles of health, education, human rights, fundamental freedom, availability, advocacy, and affordability. According to the mandate, films must arrange special shows for people with disabilities as prescribed in the notification. This film or content should enclose a subtitle, audio description, captioning, and technical specialties for the betterment of disabled persons.

It is also mandatory for film producers to deliver two sets of films for certification to CBFC, one is for public view and the second is for accessibility features for disabilities. Film exhibitors are also entitled to provision accessibility features to disabilities. As per the mandate, providing a minimum of two pieces of equipment per 200 seats.

As per the 2011 Census, Out of the total population, 2.21 per cent of the population is disabled out of which 19 per cent persons have vision disability and 19 per cent people with hearing disability in hearing. These new regulations will be inclusive of accessibility for social, and cultural well-being.