Titus Upputuru’s short film shines bright at Indian Cine Film Festival 2022

Titus Upputuru’s short film shines bright at Indian Cine Film Festival 2022

The compelling film addressed the issue of women facing sexual harassment at workplaces

Indian Cine Film Festival 2022

MUMBAI: “Nip in the bud”, a short film by the media conglomerate, Times Internet, has won big at the Indian Cine Film Festival. Written by famous adman, Titus Upputuru, it has been awarded the Best Screenplay award and the Best Public Service award at the event.

Titus is the man behind the screenplay and has also directed the film. Elaborating on the win, The Titus Upputuru Company founder and chief creative officer Titus said, “Wow, I am so thrilled! I thank God for these awards and dedicate them to every voice that had the courage to share the abuse that happened at their workplaces. I am also glad that a film like this has been recognized and awarded at so many award shows as I believe that voices like these influence, inspire and contribute towards rooting out this very diabolic, sickening culture from our society.”

The film opens on a young girl weeping profusely and with a determined look, she knows what she wants to do. The very fact that her business role model, a business tycoon, tried to get awkwardly close to her, breaks her apart. But it obviously doesn’t break her confidence and grit to make sure that the world knows about his misdeeds – she walks into a café and pens a note on social media to share the horrific experience. The film takes a twist when we see the post being read by a woman, realising to her horror that it was the same man who abused her years ago. A photograph on the mantle reveals that the two women were related and happen to be mother and daughter. The film ends with the message ‘If you are delaying, you may be encouraging’.

For the record, “Nip in the Bud” also won the prestigious DadaSaheb Phalke Award earlier this year.