McDonald’s India - North and East launches chicken surprise burger

McDonald’s India - North and East launches chicken surprise burger

Karan Johar shares his excitement as the delicious new offering hits the menu.


Mumbai: Chicken lovers, get ready for a delicious surprise. McDonald’s India - North and East’s latest Chicken Surprise burger is making its entry just in time during the summer holidays. Launched at an entry-level price of ₹65/-*, a-la-carte (original price ₹69/-) and ₹99/-, as part of three-piece meal, Chicken Surprise burger is a feel-good, affordable delight for chicken lovers.

To promote the new Chicken Surprise burger, the brand has launched a 360-degree marketing campaign focused on announcing the launch of Chicken Surprise burger and Chicken Surprise Meal that will be under the umbrella of McDeal@₹99/-. The campaign is targeted at GenZ emphasizing the brand’s role in making feel-good affordable chicken - that is generally perceived as expensive – available for everyone.

Leading the campaign is a TVC that narrates a light-hearted, insightful story showcasing how McDonald’s continues to be a preferred hangout destination for Gen Z, especially for the ones with shoestring budget. With the new Chicken Surprise on the menu, value conscious chicken lovers have a new reason to celebrate. The TVC features a young group of 5-7 friends in a McDonald’s restaurant – with one of them wearing a birthday cap. They are in front of the ordering counter and signal him to order, expecting a birthday treat for the whole group. He gulps, looks around and in a small (feeble) voice asks, “Kya Khaaoge?” (What would you like to eat?) All his friends respond in unison and say, “Chickaaaaaaaannnnnnnn”, expecting chicken meal(s). This is where a worried frown is seen on his face (thinking that treating his friends with chicken meals will probably not fit his budget). He soon gets relieved after noticing the Chicken Surprise Meal @ ₹99/- on the menu. He then confidently announces, “Aaj bhai ka budday hai, sabke liye CHICKEN SURPRISE MEAL” (it’s your friend’s birthday, everyone will get chicken treat). This real-life birthday party scene highlights the latest addition of Chicken Surprise Meal to McDeal starting @ ₹99/- at McDonald’s (India – North and East). McDeal starting @₹99/- now includes choice of a burger out of Chicken Surprise or Veg Surprise or McAloo Tikki, served with regular fries and regular Coke - all for an affordable price of just ₹99/-.

Adding Bollywood dazzle to the table, filmmaker Karan Johar expressed his excitement on social media. He announced the launch of the new Chicken Surprise meal at McDonald’s India - North & East, surprisingly priced at Rs 99. Karan’s charismatic and witty commentary has fans and foodies eagerly anticipating the new Chicken Surprise burger, which is expertly crafted to deliver a simple yet classic flavor in every bite.

Talking about the launch of Chicken Surprise burger, McDonald’s India - North and East MD Rajeev Ranjan said, “At McDonald's India - North & East, we are passionate about understanding evolving tastes and needs of our customers through our menu innovations. We are committed to offer exciting customer centric, high quality McDonald’s food and experiences. Our new addition - Chicken Surprise burger offers an irresistible choice for chicken lovers with flavourful, juicy chicken taste and the signature crunch they love.”

Tastefully crafted with high quality ingredients, Chicken Surprise burger comes with a succulent crispy golden chicken patty nestled between a soft, toasted bun and generously topped with chipotle sauce, and shredded onion. Customers also have the choice to personalize their burger by opting for whole wheat bun, double patties, and additional toppings** of their choice such as lettuce, tomato, and cheese slice to elevate their dining experience. With Chicken Surprise burger, McDonald’s India - North and East has added yet another scrumptious and delicious option to its extensive chicken offerings that include Chicken McNuggets, Chicken McWings, Butter Chicken burger, McSpicy Chicken burger, McChicken burger, Chicken McGrill burger, Chicken Maharaja Mac and Spicy Chicken wrap.

The new chicken surprise burger is a perfect option for a quick and delicious meal on the go or can be relished at the nearest McDonald's restaurant (except pure-vegetarian restaurants) or through McDelivery (Swiggy, Zomato or Magic Pin), or through takeaway, or drive-thru.

Every McDonald’s product undergoes rigorous quality inspections at various stages—from sourcing to processing to serving in restaurants. Specifically, McDonald’s chicken products are subjected to nearly 64 stringent quality tests from farm to fork to ensure top-notch quality and taste.

*Introductory price. Limited time offer.

**Additional charges may be applicable.